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Ultra-Budget: The Very Verdant Virus

Modern Aggro Budget Casual Infect Mono-Green Theme/Gimmick



Hello everyone! I'm back with yet another super simple entry to the Ultra-Budget family!

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For this deck, I wanted something incredibly straightforward that felt very mono-green since my only other mono-green deck is Ultra-budget: Bramblewood Fight Club and it is much more of a heroic deck than a traditional mono-green deck. I also wanted it to be something a little different and interesting than a regular old stompy deck. So I decided to go for infect!

Everyone is aware that a really competitive tier infect deck is terrifying to play against. This deck is not like that. This deck, like the rest of the Ultra-Budget series decks, is designed for inexpensive fun around the kitchen table with your friends. That said, there are a few combinations of opening hands/draws that can see you swinging for lethal as early as turns 3 and 4! This particular deck clocks in right around $24 shipped including lands.

Playing the deck, like I said, is very straightforward. I built it based on a simple Rule Of Nine platform, modified down to 22 lands because 24 felt excessive (and it let me add in 2 copies of a fun win-more card - Phyrexian Swarmlord!)

The goal of the deck is very simple. Get down lots of cheap creatures with infect, pump them up, and trample the poison down your opponent's throat! It's always a thrill racing to get those 10 poison counters. And it's equally thrilling to watch your friends' blood pressure increase with each counter you add!

And then, on rare occasions, this beautiful little diddy happens:


enter image description here(Pictured: Phyrexian Hydra + Revenge of the Hunted.)

Deck Breakdown


Glistener Elf: No explanation needed here. 1/1 for 1 mana with infect. With Overrun even these little guys can be a threat. And as mentioned above, if you get lucky and draw a Revenge of the Hunted turn 2, this guy is ready to swing for 7 with trample and infect that turn! If your opponent didn't get a 1 drop down, you've already almost won.

Ichorclaw Myr: Another low mana infect creature that adds a little extra something to the board by forcing your opponent to decide whether or not to block him to avoid his trigger. If they leave him unblocked, hit him with a buff and take that damage to their head. If they do block him, hit him with a buff (with trample) and take that damage plus the trigger to their head!

Cystbearer: This guy has a pretty solid body for the cost. His high toughness means your opponent's will think twice about trading with him, especially if you've got mana open and cards in hand. His toughness also makes him a good target for Rancor.

Core Prowler: A 2/2 body for 4 mana doesn't seem that great, but with all the pumps in this deck, he can still put in some work. However, his primary job is to get that proliferate trigger off. Which means he's happy to be blocked and killed once you've got a poison counter on your opponent. The fun thing is, your opponent knows that killing him will trigger it as well and may instead choose not to block him. And if that happens, hit him with a pump spell!

Phyrexian Hydra: I don't think I need to do much explaining here. He's got a big body for the cost. He's going to draw a lot of attention. That's good for your other creatures who, when this guy inevitably draws blockers, are happy to pick up a pump spell and go to the head unblocked!

Phyrexian Swarmlord: Like I said in the intro, this guy is kind of a win-more card, but he's so damn fun, I had to throw him in. Going wide with his little baby bugs and then popping Overrun and trampling piles of poison through is just very satisfying and worth the less than competitive speed!


Rancor: No introductions needed here. It adds power. It adds trample. It only costs . And it's impossible to get rid of forever (well, almost impossible...). This makes even your weakest creatures a threat when you only need to deal 10 points of poison damage!

Predator's Strike: This is basically Giant Growth with trample. It provides solid extra damage and evasion for a low mana cost. Hit an unblocked creature with it for max poison damage or use it to save a weaker creature from being blocked and force through a little extra.

Revenge of the Hunted: This is card is damn near unfair if cast for its Miracle cost. It won't always happen, but it's so flipping awesome when it does, it is completely worth playing in a kitchen table setting. The +6/+6 and trample are savage on their own. But why this spell shines in this deck is because when you cast it and force your opponent's entire field to block one creature, you can potentially have all the rest of your infect-bearing creatures go straight to the head without being blocked. That is to say, this can be an "I win" play later in the game even if you have to play it for its non-miracle cost. And, it doesn't happen often, but it has happened a couple times in playtesting - if your opening hand has 1 land and Glistener Elf and you draw this turn 2, you can swing with a trampling +7/+7 with infect on the second turn of the game!

Overrun: The ultimate green win-more card! Pop this bad boy and roll over your opponents to finish the game. Easy as that. Even your 1 drop will be a 4/4! This card is particularly satisfying when paired with a whole bunch of your Swarmlord's baby bugs!

And that's it! As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome! I hope you have some fun drowning your friends in poison for cheap!


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