Karona, the God of Chaos! I've been wanting to build a chaos deck for quite some time and I landed on Karona, the False God. This deck's sole purpose is to disrupt the game and eventually come out with me on top... or an opponent... or a random person not playing... it's so chaotic you never know who's going to win!! I want the most dominating player to become the most humble and give the newest player the opportunity to come out on top. This aims to have targets exchange control every turn, to even out the battle field with Balance like effects. If all goes according to plan, the weakest deck should be able to keep up with the strongest deck and give all players an even battlefield.

This is not the kind of deck you play if you are a "Go for the throat, I'm going to win every game!" kind of player. This is a casual deck, built to have fun and piss off the "Go for the throat, I'm going to win every game!" kind of player! It plays out different every time since not even the person piloting the deck knows what they are going to end up with on the field or how long anything will stay under their control.

I have not finished this deck yet, and I plan on making lots of changes once I get my hands on the Animatou Commander 2018 Deck. There are many cards I plan on pulling from it to make this deck even more entertaining and advantageous for everyone. Being able to Ult Animatou would just be icing on the cake for a deck like this!


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