It can be very competitive on a budget; non-budget builds have been tier 1.5 at various times, and it even has the potential to be decent as an ultra-budget list because many of the best token makers are so cheap. Apart from being a fun and resilient "go wide" strategy, the flexibility to upgrade and downgrade with ease is one of the main reasons to consider White-Black Tokens in Modern.

Spectral Procession is the best of the bunch, giving us three evasive bodies for only three mana. Lingering Souls can give Spectral Procession a run for its money. While it is not as efficient on turn three, the ability to flash it back is huge. Not only does it protect against cards like Liliana of the Veil, but it makes four 1/1 fliers for only five mana.

These cards give us a ton of redundancy in creating evasive tokens. While they might not look all that scary on their own, once we start playing cards that buff them up, they can close out the game in short order.

In a deck that is exclusively token based, Intangible Virtue is the best anthem effect ever printed. Not only does it give all of our creatures +1/+1 for only two mana, vigilance is a huge benefit. It allows us to attack with everything, but still have creatures on defense to chump our opponent's biggest threats. One of the benefits of playing a token deck is that we are really, really good at blocking.


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