This deck essentially wants to kill or counter everything the opponent plays to fill up their graveyard so we can play a cheap Avatar of Woe or Consuming Aberration in the late game. Augury Owl lets us fix our draws and acts as an early chump blocker and then Shadowmage Infiltrator and Peek keep our hand full of responses to our opponent's threats. Gifted Aetherborn and Vampire Nighthawk help to fill up graveyards while also gaining us life. Cyclonic Rift is great for clearing the board in the lategame to allow Consuming Aberration to get some major damage through and finish the game. Avatar of Woe also helps clear the way with her tapped ability and combos very nicely with Tragic Slip.


To combat Rest in Peace we have 4 Spell Snares in the sideboard and additional Countersqualls to deal with Relic of Progenitus or Tormod's Crypt.

To deal with wide aggro decks we can bring in Golden Demise. Since all of our creatures except for Augury Owl (sorry, little bud) have at least 3 toughness they can survive the bomb even without the city's blessing which is nice.

Against another control deck or a burn deck we also have some Dispels on standby to counter bolts or removal spells and we have a couple Duresses and two more Countersqualls.

I'm hoping to get in to modern with this deck as I've only ever mainly played casual magic so any recommendations are welcome. I would also like to keep this deck at least semi-budget friendly.


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