My LGS is full of aggro decks, so I made a joke that I was just going to play a deck full of board wipes and removal. That got me thinking, what if I actually did just that. The deck is obviously going to be weak to Marvel and control decks, of which there is a few at my LGS, but I was hoping to make those match ups better with a solid sb plan.

Thraben Inspecter - Always solid. Great turn one play and a very acceptable late game play.

Tireless Tracker - Along with Inspecter is the CA engine of the deck, essential in the control match up.

Thought-Knot Seer - Main reason I'm running colorless lands. Not super easy to attack through for aggro and can taken their key removal and important creatures. Always great vs everyone else.

Reality Smasher - Can't be clumped, and is extremely painfull to kill with removal. It's the closer for the deck.

Walking Ballista - Removal, beater, damage to the face. Very flexible as we all know.

Nahiri, the Harbinger - Removal in walker form. Looting is also very good, ditching extra lands and Attunes late game feels great.

Ajani Unyielding - More removal in walker form!

SB plan is to change into a super friends deck fo now.



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