Here is the GW combo elves deck. It has the standard elfball game plan but can randomly win on T3 with the druid-vizier combo plan and either a chord or an ezuri in hand. This makes it difficult for opponent to handle, since they will need to kill devoted druid asap. This often allows an archdruid or ezuri to live later.

Combo 1: Infinite mana Devoted Druid + Ezuri, Renegade Leader

2x Devoted Druid + Ezuri + 1 mana

Tap both druids, 2 mana floating. Put counters on druids, they both become -1/1. Tap both druids, 4 mana floating. Pay 1 additional mana. Activate Ezuri overrun. Druids become 2/4. Put counters on druids they become 1/3. Now you can tap druids 3x, gaining 6 mana, pay 5 for overrun, and net 1 mana. Repeat as many times as needed.

Combo 2: Infinite mana Devoted Druid + Vizer Of Remedies

1x Devoted Druid + 1x Vizier of Remedies

You can tap and untap devoted druid as many times as you want.

Combo 3: Standard Elfball Shenanigans Heritage Druid + Nettle Sentinel

1-2 Nettle Sentinel + Heritage Druid

Since nettle sentinel untaps, you can get discounted costs for tapping 3 creatures with nettle sentinel.


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