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God Tribal {Updated 9/22}

Modern* Control G/U (Simic) Midrange Tribal




Main Idea

The main theme/idea of the deck is to create a tribal god deck. Pretty simple right? If we can effectively ramp early into a few of our gods, we can swiftly bring the beat down with our squad of divine beings. The deck also packs a fair amount of ramp to get out our god cards early, and also provides card draw and ways to bypass maximum hand size.

One of the obvious issues I ran into with this deck is the legend rule with the gods, so unlike a normal tribal deck, we are not playing 30~ god cards. We have only 2-3 of each god, but we have 5 different gods to play. This should allow for not too many duplicates, but also allowing us to draw the important bombs we need to win.

Main Cards

Thassa, God of the Sea: One of our gods, has the ability to set up either our next draw step or to see if we want to drop a coiling oracle or not. Her ability gives us a good thing to put extra mana into to help push through our enemies creatures.

Kefnet the Mindful: One of the new gods from Amonkhet, his attack/block clause shouldn't be too hard to hit with some of the other cards in our deck. Has flying to evade our enemies creatures.

Rhonas the Indomitable: This god is really good in this deck, because all of our gods have a base power of 4 already, which means that if either Kefnet is our or one of our other gods is enabled, we will always have Rhonas being able to attack. His ability is pretty not relevant unless we need that extra one or two points of damage.

Nylea, God of the Hunt: Nylea is just good in this deck, giving all of our gods trample always and being a 6/6 gives us great power and helps stop chump blockers. Her ability is like Rhonas' but a little bit better because of the toughness it gives, this can instant speed stop one of our gods from dying from a Dismember.

Kruphix, God of Horizons: This is our big ticket god. Kruphix bypasses the maximum hand size, allowing us to keep a good lead in the game and always having answers and cards for the next play. His other ability lets us dumb any extra mana unused and save it for the next turn essentially, giving us lots of ramp for each turn which can get out of control quick.

Overbeing of Myth: This card alone because of its split mana costs can activate all of our Theros gods, except Kruphix. Overbing also gives us more cards on our draw step, and benefits from Kruphix giving us no maximum hand size, which should make Overbeing a huge threat.

Arbor Elf + Utopia Sprawl : Classic turn 2 ramp combo to help us get to our gods faster. Im not totally sure if this is necessary in our deck, the more I think about it, Birds of Paradise might be better because you only need one mana extra mana to start putting our gods early, this would also free up 4 slots for more protection or removal.

Coiling Oracle: Oracle gives us more rampor card draw and is a cheap 2 mana UG devotion.

Void Grafter: You can flash in grafter to save a god from some sort of removal spell and leaves behind a body to give us UG for our devotion. Still unsure about this card, might be a better spot for something like Cold-Eyed Selkie.

Nissa, Steward of Elements: This is a spicy new planeswalker that I think works great in this deck. She gives us UG for our devotion and can be anything between a 3 drop and a 20 drop. She is super versatile this way. Her +2 is a scry 2, which is always welcome, helping us set up our next plays, or set up her 0 ability which can just instantly drop a god onto the field. Her ult, while not super ridiculous, can help close out games with two 5/5 flyers. Great card.

Stubborn Denial: Great turn one removal to disrupt our opponents, but will most likely always be a 1 mana non-creature counterspell because of our big gods.

Pull from Tomorrow: A great way to spend our extra mana to draw tons of cards and make our Overbeing even bigger.

Bounty of the Luxa: This card is really interesting. It provides UG for our devotion, and either gives a free card or gives colorless, UG to our mana pool. Every turn after we cats this card we will be getting something for free which is always nice.

Wrap Up

I think this deck has the potential to be super fun and also super annoying for our opponent to deal with, giving them a fast clock to race against. Because of our gods being indestructible we dodge a lot of removal and can chump creatures really easily. I am always looking for feedback and any feedback is greatly appreciated!



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