So the real hero in this deck is Champion of the Parish. The main idea is dump a one drop, preferably Champion, and then get down Dark Confidant as quickly as possible. Confidant quickly replenishes your hand and allows you to dump as many one drops as you can pay for them. The best scenario is if Champion is growing during this time, but the next best play on the first turn is Soul's Attendant, who will channel Soul Sisters and annoy the crap out of the opponent. It is best to only drop Cartel Aristocrat once you have sac fodder out. Once she is out, she can easily attack unblockable or block big creatures and stay alive.

Lingering Souls provides the main fodder for Cartel, and can be a win con if Sorin, Lord of Innistrad comes down. Butcher of the Horde is also a win con, and you can activate all three of his abilities by sacrificing the any 1/1's, and hopefully you have a Blood Artist or two to make it even more painful for the opponent.

And lastly, Thundermaw Hellkite is an almost guaranteed five damage and will likely kill any flying spirits the opponent has out. He will almost always be a game ender when he is played.

All suggestions are welcome. I am relatively new to modern and looking to improve wherever possible.

And yes, I know this is not considered a typical "viable modern deck", but I am purposely trying to make something new and original. I don't want to play one of then ten or twelve decks everyone in modern plays.


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