If Stoneforge Mystic gets unbanned I'm building this ASAP. It's super fun to play and extremely powerful.

Spell Queller brings this deck together. There isn't a better line than turn 1 Inquisition of Kozilek , turn 2 Stoneforge Mystic , turn 3 Spell Queller , and turn 4 equipping Queller with a sword and going to town. Queller is evasive and disruptive: the perfect sword carrier.

Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize are amazing in a stoneblade deck to clear path for Stoneforge, especially against other blade decks. Nabbing their equipments out of their hand is really good. Normally discard spells and counterspells are incompatible in the same deck, but in a stoneblade shell you have the flexibility to utilize both.

Speaking of counterspells this deck is able to play 10, which never happens in modern. Spell Queller gets around Cavern of Souls and can be flashed in just as a creature in a pinch. And Cryptic Command can be used to tap the opposing team, which buys a turn. Thus having more than 1 dead card in hand is unlikely. 2 Mana Leak is just enough to make the opponent feel it without being overboard. And in the event of an unbanning of Stoneforge, I anticipate that the meta will shift to be very soft to Spell Pierce . Kolaghan's Command , in particular, is handled well by Spell Pierce . Turn 3 is when Spell Pierce shines, especially when we played Stoneforge Mystic turn 2 and now want activate her and protect her from removal.

This deck is also nearly untouched by graveyard hate. Only Snapcaster Mage is affected. That means that Rest in Peace is amazing from our side, among other powerful white sideboard cards. Settle the Wreckage is neat for slaying Humans and Spirits while leaving our side of the table untouched.


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