Basically I had a lot of old bulk from about the Theros era and wanted to see what i could do with it. Eventual upgrades will, of course, include anything I can think of/like the idea of from suggestions, which are totally encouraged!

EDIT: So having had this deck a while now just some thoughts and logic that have gone into choices I've made tinkering with it and refining it.

The sideboard is designed to do 2 things, depending on needs. The first is to protect creatures from removal if that's an issue, and the second is to keep life total up (thereby protecting the pilot) during races if that's a concern ( the one exception is Cartouche of Solidarity bc edicts are terrible). Both are also meant to be done when called for without diverting any spells in the deck away from the go-tall game plan.

As for the main deck, that's largely the same as day one minus some changes made to lower the curve and make sure each card was the best one possible for whatever task I had in mind for the slot its in. For example, where once I had Battlewise Valor as a 2 drop +2/+2 spell, now I have Artful Maneuver. Little stuff like that.


Updates Add

Took out 2 Wingsteed Rider because those are only there as a safety net anyway and put in 2 Glaring Aegis to get more from Ethereal Armor and create openings more reliably.

Meanwhile in the SB Call To Serve finally found its replacement in the form of Moment of Triumph .


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