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Grenzo, Dungeon Warden

Commander / EDH BR (Rakdos)



My second attempt at a Grenzo deck focuses more heavily on the commander and the 62 creatures. Putting lands down to a minimum of 30 has drastically helped and keeping most of them as basics or entering untapped with swamp or mountain types.

Despite what the deck list may tell you, this is not goblin tribal, its Grenzo tribal. There are about 14 creatures that either buff Grenzo's power or reduce his mana cost to aid in his return. There are about 14 mana sources too, some are situational mana only useful for Grenzo, like Braid of Fire or Priest of Gix.

As for the rest of the creatures, removal, win cons, utility, etc. The deck is highly random, but you can win off keeping a one lander. Its very enjoyable having such a different deck, not even using a sol ring.


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