Karador is one of the most resilient Commanders in EDH.
He is currently considered a TIER-3 commander, but i highly disagree with that placement.Karador can consistently win at turn 5-6 with this semi-budget build.
1.He should be built to always costs 3mana ().
2.He is really grindy and able to pull through the long game.
3.His colors provide him with a wide array of combo's (Razakats,Protean Hulk,Boonweaver and others).
4.Every game can be totally different from the previous, although the win condition is usually the same,the way to get to the combo is rarely the same.
1.Lack of means you can't play Flash Hulk.
(The fastest Combo in existence at the moment in EDH).
2.Lack of means you can't protect your combo very well.
3.You have to spent mana on every cast making your plays a little bit slower than Meren of Clan Nel Toth
4.Being a heavy creature Based Deck means you play mostly on sorcery speed, playing boardwipes after the fast OR stax to prevent opponents from winning.
The most similar Commanders to Karador at the moment are:
Muldrotha, the Gravetide,Meren of Clan Nel Toth,Ravos, Soultender + Partner.

1. Pattern of Rebirth Win:

2. Entomb + Wake the Dead Win:

3. Buried Alive + Wake the Dead Win:

Have a way to put Protean Hulk to the field and a sacrifice him with:
Viscera Seer,Carrion Feeder,Altar of Dementia,Yawgmoth, Thran Physician,Dimir House Guard or
Altar of Bone,Wake the Dead.

Sac Protean Hulk Find >>Karmic Guide >>Reanimate Protean Hulk and Sac again >> Saffi Eriksdotter >>Sac Saffi Eriksdotter for Karmic Guide >>Sac Karmic Guide >>>Reanimate Protean Hulk and Sac again >> Reveillark >> You have Infinite Loop.

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