Have you heard? No??? I was under the impression that everybody has heard... heard what you say? that the BIRD IS THE WORD

what we have here is a full on bird brain build, a flock of seagulls if you will... yes with derevi at the helm i'll be flappin and untappin my way to victory... no one ever really thinks too much of this deck until they play against it and by then its to late :)

with all of my builds if you like what you see please upvote, if you see something ive missed or could benefit from please make the suggestions the more the merrier... also check out the rest of my builds there are lots to look at... i play them all some more than others but if its on my list its constructed and ready to play, some of them need updating and im in the process of doing so... not an easy task when i have over 50 decks yikes !!!!


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