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Make Zendikar Great Again | Tazri Ally Tribal EDH

Commander / EDH Aggro Allies Combo Counters Five Color Tribal


Hada Freeblade

"Together we will make Zendikar great again!"


Welcome to the Allied Resistance, the last bastion of Zendikar freedom fighters pushing back against Eldrazi invaders!

This deck incorporates the very best of all five colors and is capable of annihilating tables when piloted correctly.

The goal of this deck is straightforward:

Overwhelm the table with Allies.

The aggro beatdown plan may not always work, so just in case the Allies have a game ending, infinite combo on their side as well.

Turntimber Ranger + Arcane Adaptation = An infinite number of 2/2 Ally wolf tokens

If you're ready to join the resistance, check put the tabs below!

Comments and +1's are greatly appreciated! Help me continue to make this the most popular Ally tribal deck on TappedOut!


The vast majority of competitive General Tazri lists run Food Chain. In fact, they base their entire deck around tutoring for and abusing Food Chain combos ASAP.

While I respect and understand the power of the Food Chain combo, I've decided to maximize Ally Tribal to its fullest potential and create a deck that's one of a kind.

I created this deck to showcase that General Tazri is capable of much more than just facilitating Food Chain combos.

I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported this deck and built their own versions of it. You guys rock!


A large component of this deck revolves around an aggressive, beatdown strategy. I've called on the services of Marchesa, the Black Rose to help keep the Allies in fighting shape no matter the odds!

Marchesa creates a dominant board state by making creatures with +1/+1 counters on them exceptionally difficult to kill and allows me to spam enter the battlefield (ETB) triggers everytime one of my precious Allies dies.

I've included cards like Worldly Tutor specifically to tutor for The Black Rose and start stacking up dethrone triggers ASAP.

Conviently, many Ally creatures generate +1/+1 counters with their ETB abilities. This makes Marchesa that much more valuable to and simplifies putting +1/+1 counters on all my creatures.

Here are some of my favorites:


An ideal opening hand looks like this:

Turn 1: Cast Mana Crypt and play a Land.

Cast Harabaz Druid.

Turn 2: Play second land, tap Mana Crypt, both lands and Harabaz Druid for .

Cast General Tazri. Use Tazri's ability to tutor for Turntimber Ranger.

Turn 3: Play third land, tutor for and cast Arcane Adaptation.

Turn 4: Cast Turntimber Ranger. He combos with Arcane Adaptation to create an infinitely large Turntimber Ranger and an infinite number of 2/2 Ally Wolf tokens.

The scenario I just outlined is typical with this deck. The key is knowing which Allies to search for and how to use and abuse them to your advantage.

Allies That Pair Well With This Combo:

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Updates Add

Been awhile since the last update!

This deck has gone through a major overhaul since the last update. I cut out a lot of cards that were underperforming and drastically lowered the average CMC of the deck.

The results have been great! Overall the deck is faster and more resilient than ever before. If I can't overwhelm the table with aggressive Allies, the Turntimber Ranger combo usually wraps things up quite quickly.

I'll infrequently check in and update things but as of right now this deck is exactly where I want it to be.



97% Competitive