SCAPESHIFT! The goal is to abuse Valakut and simply put mountains on the field to burn your opponent. Love it, but grew bored of the typical five-color/four-color/three-color variations. I also tried mono-green, and even a couple disasterous mono-red and mono-blue variations... Steer clear of mono-colored, my friend! But alas, I found a fresh take on one of my favorite constructed decks - Simic Scapeshift.

Land (26)

3x Cinder Glade - great r/g, 3x because it sometimes has to come in tapped.

2x Scalding Tarn - classic r/u fetch, 2x because running 4x is dangerous in a land destroy situation.

2x Snow-Covered Forest - I really love running snow-covered, only because its a mind game for the opponent. No functional benefit over a normal basic.

2x Snow-Covered Island - same as above.

5x Snow-Covered Mountain - same as above, except we want more mountains to fuel our Valakut.

4x Steam Vents - just plain good r/u dual.

4x Stomping Ground - just plain good r/g dual.

2x Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle - our win con. They don't count as a mountain (and aren't as easily fetchable/abusable), so 2x.

2x Wooded Foothills - classic r/g fetch, 2x because running 4x is dangerous in a land destroy situation.

Instant (18)

3x Syncopate - good counter in general, just not a fan of X cost in some situations, so 3x.

3x Growth Spiral - low cost and amazing, but you won't always have a spare land for it's secondary effect, so 3x.

3x Mana Leak - great counter, but lackluster after turn 4, so 3x.

3x Once Upon a Time - pretty amazing combo/land fetcher, but lackluster after turn 1, so 3x.

4x Remand - amazing stall and draw.

2x Harrow - great thinner and fetch, but 2g cost slows down the deck, so 2x.

Sorcery (8)

3x Search for Tomorrow - really good fetch, but not as useful after turn 3, so 3x.

2x Mwonvuli Acid-Moss - disrupts opponent and fetches, but has a bit of a high cost at 2gg, so 2x.

3x Scapeshift - one of the Valakut combo pieces, 3x because it tends to be an instant win or close... Primetime is better.

Creature (8)

2x Obstinate Baloth - gain life, is a 4/4. Not bad, but 2gg is a higher cost so 2x here.

2x Carnage Tyrant - a 7/6 trample hexproof for 6 that we can put out on turn 4 most of the time? Fun! 2x because it's an alt win con... Once again primetime is better.

4x Primeval Titan - green giant is our pal in this deck, he's a walking tank merged with a scapeshift effect more or less!

Sideboard changes weekly; i'm taking the lazy route and not posting it constantly.

*Updated 11/6/2019


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