I can't take most of the credit for this deck, October of last year Merchant of Youtube/Twitch made a video about a zero rare Beamsplitter Mage deck. It was created prior to Ravnica Allegiance and War of the Spark sets had been released. I feel like this needs to be revisited, but as a less budgeted version with the addition of cards like Dreadhorde Arcanist and Samut's Sprint . The most expensive thing out of this deck is the land base. Dreadhorde Arcanist and Steam Vents are our only cards currently worth more than $4.00. You could use Izzet Guildgate s and Highland Lake s, but it really slows it down.

Exploiting the combo ability of the following cards.
  • Maximum Altitude may not be a Dive Down , but it makes this a more aggressive deck despite not having any protection outside of counterspells.
  • Stealth Mission can be down right funny. With Beamsplitters and Arcanists you can cast it twice and copy it twice letting you put a total of Four +1/+1 counters on Beamsplitter and Arcanist
  • Samut's Sprint is such a good card, you can practically scry 4 with a Beamsplitter and an Arcanist on the board from first main phase to declaration of attackers.
  • Chart a Course even works with Arcanist's ability, since it's declared as an attacker you get to draw two card before blocks are designated.
  • Crash Through , additional card draw and trample for other creatures.
  • Opt is a cheap scry and draw, but still triggers with Dragonauts on the board.
  • Shock gives some outs for damage on various targets.
  • Wizard's Retort gives us more interaction with our opponent.

Mostly tailored to slow down control and go wide aggro. Even though it also slows us down a little bit, it adds counterspells, more incidental damage and chump blockers.

The biggest issue with this deck is that it's inconsistent. Even with the Crash Throughs, Opts and Chart a Courses you may not draw into what you need. So the longer the game goes the lower the percentage of being able to win. A fun deck to play, just isn't the meta.


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