Another idea I've been wanting to do for some time but finally began to get a rough draft down. I have a general idea for what I want the deck to do, but my choice of commander has sort of gotten me stuck. So that's why I'm seeking out the help of all you crafty folk.

Commander: Atraxa, Praetors' Voice has put me in an odd spot. She felt like the best option, if one of the only options, for the four color combo. I was planning on going full 5 colors but felt it'd be overkill. Red, imo, didn't offer as much as I'd have liked in the way of Morph cards and while a lot of my favorite cards are Red, they'd not synergize too well overall. So now comes this odd lady. She's a decent stat line with a load of Keywords with a cheap enough cost considering. However, what has gotten me all jostled is her Proliferate. I would normally just run her for the other stuff but part of me wants to make use of that ability as well...though I fear it might be an overall problem to focus on it. If anyone has suggestions for effective, reusable or otherwise 'duh, run this' cards that allow proper use of her Proliferate, let me know. Otherwise I'll likely just drop the idea and focus on her being something to slap people with.

Morphin' Time! - Now that we got the deck's 'Zordon' (or is she Rita Repulsa and I'm summoning putties?) out of the way, we can focus on the deck itself. I always loved the Morph mechanic. Having a way to play all mysterious and the like. It'll be blasphemous to say here but it's one of the reasons I enjoyed Yu-Gi-Oh so much back in the day. Playing cards face down to keep opponents on their toes and consider what might be there before making plays. While Morph won't be THAT impactful, it'll make things...interesting. It'll be hard to decide what to block as, well...everything seems to be just a colorless bear. It'll be the one thing they don't block that could ruin their lives, or at the very least make their life problematic.

Highlight Creatures:

Ixidor, Reality Sculptor will be a large support to the deck. He's going to have a big target on him so I'll have to find some ways to keep him around. I have Phyrexian Reclamation to get him back if he dies though ideally, I'd like to keep him on the board a while. (Grieves/Boots and the like will be helpful to keep him alive a while). He'll give my Morphed guys a little boost (+1/+1) but his largest asset will be flipping cards up for a much cheaper cost in most instances (2U as opposed to their normal costs which tend to be 4 or more). Having him around will make the bamboozles happen faster and more regularly.

Ixidron is ideally named, taking some tricks from Ixidor himself. While this creature doesn't morph...he basically re-morphs all creatures...which is amazing for me and terrifying for my opponents. Any utility or beat sticks they had suddenly become meager 2/2 bears while my own monsters can reuse their morph abilities (if applicable) and make them hope their memory is good as to what creature is what. Meanwhile, Ixidron becomes a fat body thanks to all the face down creatures on the field! Love this card, always have, and am glad to have a big reason to play it other than just being a psudo-field clear.

Ebonblade Reaper is, ideally, going to be an MVP. His cost to flip is a bit high but when he hits, he's going to nuke half an opponents life total. That's nothing to stick one's nose up at. He'll be a one hit wonder as it'll be unlikely he'll be getting a second strike in once he's revealed but if he can...well...that's just swell, isn't it!

Weaver of Lies will be another important player so I can remorph my creatures. That'll be his main use and the only real use he needs. Once he himself reveals himself, he's an alright body at 4/4 so at the very least he can fight back against things that might come my way or slap someone if they're open.

Soul Collector happens to be another card I've always loved and have a true reason to use now. 3/4 is decent enough but her biggest asset is creature theft should she kill them. Chump blocking then flipping her to kill something weaker than herself just to take it for myself will be a fun, crafty trick. Should I run ways to make use of Proliferate, she'll be more than capable of stealing much more desirable creatures throughout the course of the game, provided she be allowed to live.

Krosan Cloudscraper is just what you'd expect. A massive surprise fatty who will club you in the dome for 13 damage without much warning. Everything face down is a potential threat and people will struggle to decide what to block or what to waste a kill spell on blindly in hopes they hit something important. Even if he gets a single hit in before being blasted, he's a great asset and another creature I've never had a proper deck to run it with. Just a fun bamboozle card.

Riptide Entrancer like Soul Collector, she's a nice cantrip to snatch up opposing creatures if she's allowed to break through. Unlike Soul Collector, she doesn't need to kill anything to do so...except herself of course. She's a one time use but that could be all I need for a game changing moment.

Support/Utility: This deck will need quite a bit of support to keep things running smooth. A few creatures provide some needed utility to keep my forces stronger while there's plenty of enchantments and artifacts to help keep my forces strong.

Unblinking Bleb will allow me to scry throughout the game whenever something unmorphs. This will be good to filter my draws as well as ensure I don't manifest non-creatures (Granted, Manifest isn't a mechanic I utilize a lot...not at least in this draft of the deck but he'll be useful for any revisions). 1/3 will let him keep a few things at bay but he'll die to a good ol' bolt though.

Kheru Spellsnatcher + Voidmage Apprentice + Willbender are nice deflect/counter options on a body, nice little 'gotchya' moments if I don't mind revealing them to hold onto a hard counter in my hand, with Kheru allowing me to 'hold onto' a spell I counter for later use. Echo Tracer + Icefeather Aven allow for some bounce options to get a pesky creature off the field, or to bounce one of my own if need be.

Raven Guild Master will be much like Ebonblade Reaper as a one hit wonder. If I can reuse his effect, that's great though. Exiling 10 cards from a library is rough, even in EDH. Especially if timed properly after certain tutor effects. If it gets through multiple times, it's just sheer profit and annoying...if anything he'll be blocked or a kill spell wasted on him to allow another mystery bear to get through and provide a surprise.

Salt Road Ambushers will be pivotal to getting +1/+1 counters on my creatures to make any real use of Atraxa's Proliferate. The Planeswalkers will help as well, but this will likely be the one doing the most work...should it survive.Afiya Grove + Cather's Crusade + Retreat to Kazandu will be other key players in getting tokens out there.

Secret Plans offers some toughness to face downs but provides a perk when they flip up in the way of draw power. Dream Chisel + Obscuring AEther make the initial Morph cost a bit cheaper. Trail of Mystery helps ramp when I play Morphed stuff but also grants a small boost when they flip up. Good news for the bigger hitters the turn they flip.

Lumithread Field + Muraganda Petroglyphs provide some stat buffs while things are face down, with the latter even being able to Morph itself. Death Pit Offering will provide a flat +2/+2 regardless, making a nice combo with Muraganda since it'll give them a nice +4/+4 while face down. Having 6/6 vanilla mystery 'bears' for 3 generic per cast isn't bad, in my eyes!

But that's just a general run down. The deck is over 100 right now and I need to find ways to trim/upgrade certain options to get it a little more ideal. Let me know what you all think and if you've any suggestions for things I likely overlooked! I know I'm lacking any real removal which could be a problem.


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