My first modern deck. My inspiration is based on many such decks found online and in tournaments, mainly Joseph Freeman's version.

I'm switching between versions, the Black/White/Colorless deck (here) and the White/Colorless version here:


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The deck performed admirably well tonight, despite the low attendance. I managed to win against the 2 decks which beat my previous mono-white Eldrazi and Taxes build (Elves and Merfolks). While Wide strategies are still unfavorable, adding black really upped my removal count.

The Matches

  • 2-1 against Elves. Bob gained me game one by allowing me to draw a ton of gas (lands actually, but the other card drawn was gas most turns). Leonin Arbiter and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben allowed me to black his potentially game winning Chord of Calling . Game 2, Elves did what elves do. Game 3, I started with Arbiter, and he started on Nettle Sentinel and Elvish Visionary with 2 lands, one of them generating colorless. I decided to take a chance and Ghost Quarter his green-producing land, and it won me the game: he never drew another land.

  • 2-0 against Boros Tokens. A brew with Monastery Mentor , Young Pyromancer and Outpost Siege . He nearly got me game 1, but he lost by keeping tokens back to defend. Game 2, I managed to mana screw him and he never recovered.

  • 2-1 against Fish. I got game one thanks to Wasteland Strangler killing his lords when I needed it. Game 2 was Lords galore: he had 4 on the boardat the same time at one point. Game 3 he mulled to 5 and drew mostly lands, while I kept a one lander and a vial. I was worried at first, but I managed to out-value him with Strangler, Flickerwisp and Orzhov Pontiff .


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