This is definitely a draw-go deck. In the early turns its acceptable to tap out for ramp and control pieces like Rhystic Study or Propaganda . However, in the mid to late game, you will want to leave mana open for your opponents turns. Cast large draw spells on your opponent's end step before your turn.

This deck wants to optimize card draw and have draw perform double duty dealing damage. Niv-Mizzet is useful for this, but so are other pingers like Guttersnipe and Electrostatic Field .

Counterspells should be reserved to protect Niv-Mizzet and/or stop huge impactful spells from opponents. Don't bother countering most creatures that can be dealt with by Niv-Mizzet's pinging once it hits the board. Blasphemous Act and Chain Reaction are in the deck if creatures get out of hand.

This deck is a combo of spell slinger and card draw to do damage with Niv-Mizzet and other pingers like Guttersnipe. Once Niv-Mizzet hits the board start casting all the spells that can draw you cards. It is rare for this deck to have board state so keeping opponents boards in control is crucial so you don't die before getting the engine going. Use board wipes, removal and Propaganda to slow opponents down.

Note: I'm aware of the Ophidian Eye, Curiosity and Tandem Lookout combos that are staples of any Niv-Mizzet deck. However, my play group tends to steer away from infinite or near infinite combos. They are intentionally excluded from the main deck list.

Isochron Scepter and Dramatic Reversal - This combo works when you have mana rocks that add 3 or more mana total and it helps when they generate colored mana. This generates infinite mana and triggers Niv-Mizzet allowing near infinite card draw, and pinging opponents 1 for each card drawn. This will of course not be enough to kill 3 opponents who start at 40 life.

Very few creatures are in this deck, so it will struggle against aggressive creature strategy decks, especially go wide decks like tokens. In order to prevent from being overwhelmed the following cards are used:

Propaganda : Make your opponents slow down by having to choose between attacking you and casting spells on their turn.

Board Wipes
Cyclonic Rift
Blasphemous Act
Chain Reaction

Save single target removal for big threats

Main Win Condition: Using Niv-Mizzet and pingers combined with card draw to do damage to opponents.

Description: This is pretty straight forward. With Niv-Mizzet and/or Guttersnipe / Electrostatic Field / Sentinel Tower on the battlefield, cast a bunch of card draw spells like Blue Sun's Zenith and Expansion/Explosion.

Alternate Win Con #1: Aetherflux Reservoir

Description: With all the instants and sorceries being cast in this deck, it is reasonable that Aetherflux Reservoir will gain you a bunch of life. This can be used to nuke players for 50 at a time. This is not a true storm deck though, so knocking all 3 players out with this is not going to happen very often.

Alternate Win Con #2: The Locust God

Description: Finally, this deck plays card: Locust God as a way to turn spells into creatures. Every instant and sorcery will grant you 1/1/ flying haste creatures that can be used to overwhelm your opponents.


Updates Add

This deck originally had 11 counterspells which was just too many. I removed a couple and replaced them with AEtherize and Chain Reaction. I will probably remove 2-3 more counterspells before I'm done tweaking.


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