This is mono white knight tribal deck with massive amounts of synergy, a natural robustness vs control decks and a sideboard that can deal with almost anything.

Here is a general breakdown strategy of the deck.

Student of Warfare is our only 1 drop creature. Its a level up card so it has the ability to stay relevant mid-late game. Solid card.

Accorder Paladin Gets is the extra aggro we need to end the game quicker.

Knight of the White Orchid Because we are only running 19 lands, this guy becomes extremely useful when we need that 3rd or 4th land to cast our plainswalker or if we haven’t seen Ather Vial It essentially becomes a land card on its own on turn 3 (Assuming your’re behind on land) A neat trick is to play him before playing your land for turn so you can throw out 2 lands in a single turn. Acts as a sort of mini ramp.

Benalish Marshal Not only puts a 3/3 on the field but buffs the board state. Great card to vial in the middle of combat.

Fiendslayer Paladin Is a burn decks worst nightmare. A 2/2 firststrike lifelink that can’t be the target of red or black spells. This guy is going to contribute to your survival in a big way. He nets you life and is hard to remove. He becomes an even bigger thorn in the side when he starts receiving buffs from fellow Knights. Most importantly however, the artwork. This guy is just a badass.

Knight Exemplar This is probably your most important Knight card. It makes all of your other knights bigger while making them indestructible. Get 2 of them out and the whole team is going to be insainly hard to kill.

Mirran Crusader This is going to be your guy that largely contributes to end your opponent quickly; especially if they’re using green or black creatures.

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar His zero ability all day. Create 2/2 Knights that will benefit from your tribal buffs.

Aether Vial Is what makes this deck dangerous. As long as you have 1 mana you have the potential to always get your creatures out. Tremendously speeds up the deck.

It also shines when you can flash in blockers or bypass summoning sickness by using st the end of an opponents turn. Most importantly your creatures can’t be countered since you’re not “casting” them.

Brave the Elements Has two primary functions. Keeps your important creatures alive.

Let’s you swing through your opponents line for the win. Having a bunch of buffed knights unblocked pretty much spells the end for your opponent.

Path to Exile Most reliable way to remove something that’s a pain in the ass. 1 mana. Giving your opponent an extra land is a small price to pay when you have Knight of the White Orchid

Cavern of Souls Makes your knights resolve. Giving control decks the finger.

Ghost Quarter This is the one rare case where GQ beats out Field of Ruin. Obviously it’s going to hurt tron, but even cooler is you can quarter your own Flagstones of Trokair and get 2 basics out. You can even float the Flagstones prior to GQing it to ramp yourself. Not to mention you’ll considerably thin out your deck as well.

Flagstones of Trokair Let’s us take advantage of the legendary rule and thin out our deck of lands. Works wonders with Ghost Quarter allowing you to float a mana and pull out 2 lands when you GQ this land.


Oblivion Ring You never know when you’ll run into a lose con like Ensnaring Bridge or another permanent that’s making it hard to win. This is a simple answer to those cards. Can even be used as additional creature removal, whatever you need it to be.

Rest in Peace Turns off graveyard manipulation. So goodbye storm, crucible of worlds, delve, delirium, tormogoyf and snap caster. Doesn’t effect us in a negative way at all. Best part it’s only 2 mana.

Stony Silence Severely hinders Tron, destroys affinity and prevents the infinite damage combo from Walking Balista Although it will turn off your vial. Only use if you know a deck pretty much loses when you play it.

Leyline of Sanctity Pretty much automatically makes you win against burn and mill players. A staple sideboard for any white deck.

Wrath of God If you’re facing a deck that also spits out creatures such as elves or tokens. A neat trick is to make your knights indestructible with Exemplar and wipe your opponents creatures while keeping yours.

While this deck doesn’t have any quick turn 2-3 wins. It’s very consistent and gets the job done. It will halt both aggro and control decks alike. Between Cavern of Souls and Aether Vial ; control decks are going to have a tough time countering your creatures.

This deck is a solid mid-range that’s reliable . Hardly will you ever lose to bad draws because of the construction . It does suffer from having a very linear win con and not being able to win in 3 turns or less. The sideboard is a general set up to deal with most decks you’ll find in modern. I’d advise you may want to change up the numbers on the sideboard depending on the meta at your store. Most importantly however, the deck is one of the funnest I’ve ever played .


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