Toshiro mono-black control. Has a lifedrain subtheme. Consistently kills around turn 7-8, or turn 5 with a god hand.


Hell's Caretaker + Thornbite Staff + any two creatures = Infinite sac/reanimation. This means you win if you have Blood Artist or a Falkenrath Noble out or if Gray Merchant of Asphodel/Kokusho, the Evening Star are one of the creatures. Harvester of Souls being out will also let you draw your deck.

Ashnod's Altar + Oathkeeper, Takeno's Daisho + Toshiro Umezawa = Infinite General sac/reanimation.

Avatar of Woe + Thornbite Staff = destroy all creatures you don't control.

Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond = You kill everyone once any opponent loses life or if you gain any life.

Best Synergies:

While it's not an infinite, a sac outlet + Chainer, Dementia Master + Gray Merchant of Asphodel will usually kill everyone but you in less than five activations. Kokusho, the Evening Star can replace Gray Merchant here.

Thornbite Staff + Magus of the Coffers + any kill spells can give you net gains in mana, which can lead to some really silly turns, especially with free spells like Snuff Out.

Shriveling Rot is an amazing tech card in this deck. This is usually either a blowout win condition or something you can do in response to an opponent trying to do a sac infinite. You can also flashback it with Toshiro in the same turn to cause double life loss triggers.


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