Deck is basicly Mono-Red that has been splashed into black for Judith, Spawn of Mayhem and bunch of sideboard cards which will help you in control match ups.

Judith, the Scourge Diva one of the reasons to splash in black. Having a good synergy with Fanatical Firebrand, makes Goblin Chainwhirler more annoying (especially against Tempest Djinns and Drakes). This is really good card for agressive deck

Goblin Chainwhirler great body with first strike (even better with Judith) also activates spectacle for your spells.

Runaway Steam-Kin has good synergy with Experimental Frenzy can grow into big body and give you mana for more spells.

Fanatical Firebrand good 1st drop. Sacrificing it with Judith is simply shock for a price of 1-mana creature. Almost always can activate spectacle for you.

Viashino Pyromancer deals 2 dmg right away, activating spectacle.

Spawn of Mayhem serious flying threat which will also activate spectacle each turn for free. Making problems for enemy player if played on turn 3.

Light Up the Stage is good drawing option, which will help you to save your tempo. Plus it have good synergy with experimental frenzy

Risk Factor another good draw/dmg option.

Experimental Frenzy works great with Steam-Kin and if spectacle activated you can potentially deal a ridiculous amount of dmg with this on the battlefield.

Lightning Strike , Shock and Skewer the Critics are you main burn/removal pool

In sideboard there are: Angrath, the Flame-Chained found it great in control and midrange match ups. Against control you discard his hand not letting him to gain card advantage. Against midrange it works like act of treason but with removal. It works great against Hydroid Krasis and Wildgrowth Walkers.

Banefire for long-lasting matches against control

Bedevil will help you deal with planeswalkers and fat creatures.

Duress against control, also I found it good against mono-blue.

Lava Coil against drakes, midrange or tempo

Spawn of Mayhem more demons for match-ups with lack of flyers.

Theater of Horrors also for long-lasting control match-ups. Works great with Experimental Frenzy, giving you additional hand.


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