I made this deck as a back up to my modern deck because a lot of the cards in the current standard deck that I have for this one are going to get rotated out with the release of Ixalan. So instead of panicking about making that deck more standard I backed it up so that it is a modern deck and can last a little longer. Not only that but it gives me access to a wider array of cards to boost this deck and make it better if I can even do so at this point. Time has passed and I've decided to make it three colors instead of just two to open the deck to more helpful cards like Mikaeus. If anyone can help out with the mana base or anything else about the deck I would greatly appreciate it.


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I made a recent change to the description and the theme of the deck. I would like to keep the deck a counter deck but i was hoping there was some way to give it a little Midrange flavor so I've added some Black and Green cards that I've observed in midrange decks such as abrupt decay and Inquisition of Kozilek. There's Duress in the sideboard to hit higher cost instants and sorceries. If anyone could find a way to help that would be great. Thank you Everyone



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