Phyrexian Obliterator. Far and away the best 4 drop ever printed. However, there is a deceptive drawback to Obliterator hidden in the upper right hand corner of the card.

More than anything else, the mana base is the innovation here. I've included enough dual lands to both reliably cast the Obliterator and still splash some key cards from green, specifically Abrupt Decay and Tarmogoyf, as well as some sideboard cards to cover areas that black can't deal with on its own. The Obliterator can still die to a Fatal Push or Path to Exile, but it feels a lot stronger dropping one of these puppies than slamming a Siege Rhino. And it's not even close.

One final note on the sideboard, the Pithing Needle and Sorcerous Spyglass are my answer to Tron. I couldn't fit Field of Ruin into the manabase because of Phyrexian Obliterator, but I also didn't include Fulminator Mage on the sideboard because I don't think fighting their lands is the right way to go. Because of Ancient Stirrings, Sylvan Scrying, and Expedition Map, Tron can recover from land destruction pretty effectively. With the Needle and Spyglass there are a number of top end targets to just name and eliminate from concern, such as Karn Liberated, Oblivion Stone, Endbringer, etc.


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