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So, I've been a very casual MTG player for a long time. Started with Mono Black Zombies, switched to a Golgari Dredge/Reanimator list with Jarad, briefly splashed to White with Karador and finally found home with Dimir (which always caught my eye).

Now, as I said, although I'm pretty much familiarized with rules and mechanics in general, I still have things to learn and most of the time I have to be reading my opponents cards before I decide if countering is necessary.

What I try to attempt with this deck is finding a reliable way to fill Graveyards so I can steal things with The Scarab God. I'm looking for suggestions like lands, some other counters, a reliable wincon that doesn't depend on me stealing stuff and a way to improve my ramp because I've been noticing that's what usually stops me. I don't have a limit on my budget (I'll be buying things over time) but I don't want to spend more than 50 bucks for a single card.

The following are the cards I'd like to replace (better counters, removals, card draw)

Brainstorm Deep Analysis Miscalculation Forbidden Alchemy Rise from the Tides Psychic Corrosion Memory Lapse Complicate Murderous Cut Languish Devastation Tide Sphinx of Uthuun Mulldrifter


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