woo, more abuse of servos we all love some hard working servos to win the game for you, don't lie. its just like the The Servo Genocide just without gods.

the whole thing is sacrifice hard working servos to win the game for you, its great. the whole deck is based off of synergies and why cant I kill a 3/1? also there is a demon or something. this is the second installment deck in servo workforce decks. Any cards I missed? tell me.
-Bomat Courier, I needed a one drop, so here we are. -Costly Plunder, note that you can also sac artifacts. Just gives you some juicy draw and a Fatal Push trigger.-Herald of Anguish, main win-con in the deck, drop this bad boy on turn 4 and watch him get hit with removal and then continue to feel sad.-Noxious Gearhulk, just a fantastic creature over all but more importantly give Inventors' Fair something to get.-Pia Nalaar, this card give not only another sac outlet but also so much utility, every thing you want, with a special edition flying servo with her. -Scrapheap Scrounger, the classic, you can have a artifacts deck without him, in standard at least.-Syndicate Trafficker, just another threat so you are not dead on the board if you don't draw card:hearld of anguish, also, sacs!-Unlicensed Disintegration, just in case a 5 drop makes its may onto the field.-Weaponcraft Enthusiast, you get a servo, you get a servo, i'm all out of servos. unless you want a 2/3 for some stupid reason. -Servo Schematic you sac a thing to get more servo, i'm tired of typing.-LANDS AND STUFF

As for the sideboard the whole goal of it is to turn into a control deck at will so that you can fight back with against the blue gear hulk and the scarab god.


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