This is a hyper-aggro version of a Dredgevine deck that I've been running for the past few weeks. Took a break from magic a few years back and am looking for suggestions/ advice since most modern cards are new to me. This build is more resilient than classic all-in dredge decks in that it it doesn't NEED the graveyard to win and can lay a pretty serious beatdown playing a "fair" game. This deck sees some pretty explosive starts on a fairly regular basis. The deck aims to "cheat" into play graveyard recursion cards at a very quick rate. Faithless Looting , Lotleth Troll , and Cathartic Reunion serve to fill your graveyard with Bloodghast , Gravecrawler , Prized Amalgam , and the deck's namesake Vengevine . Bloodghast and Prized Amalgam come back on their own and with 11 zombies, Gravecrawler has no problem being cast from the graveyard. The rest of the one cost red creatures serve to beat down and bring back Vengevines at a very quick pace. Here's a breakdown of the cards and the reasoning behind playing them. Any suggestions that would improve this deck are more than welcome.


Faithless Looting - Draws you two cards and discards two that you want in the graveyard. Best enabler in the deck. Shame you can only run 4

Cathartic Reunion - Basically 3 more Faithless Looting s for the deck

Lotleth Troll - While not as fast as Faithless Looting , Loltroll can still lead to some fast plays. Discarding your recursion gives him a buff, which can often times outpace a Tarmogoyf . The trample and regeneration are also super important.


Vengevine - With all the one-drop creatures in the deck, it's not improbable to bring this guy back and swing as early as turn 2. Very easy to get for "free" from the graveyard and still not bad as a hard cast. Best recursion in the deck by far.

Bloodghast - Second best recursion in the deck. All you need to do is play a land and you get a 2/1. Not much needs said. With a Prized Amalgam in your yard, his value increases greatly.

Gravecrawler - Loves to be discarded by a Loltroll. Triggers Vengevine because it is being cast, and with 11 total zombies in the deck, I've never had a problem bringing him back.

Prized Amalgam - By far the slowest creature in the deck as it comes back tapped and at the end of a turn, but it's value more than makes up for this. Bringing it back takes virtually no effort as you're being rewarded for doing what this deck already wants to do. Discarding a Bloodghast and a Prized Amalgam on T1 is not uncommon and super good. This guy is also the reason for the lone Steam Vents in the deck.


Legion Loyalist - Trample means that decks can't chump block a vine with a small creature and slow you down. First strike means that none of your 19 creatures with one toughness die from a chump blocker. The third ability gives evasion from Lingering Souls and Empty the Warrens , both of which are a nightmare.

Goblin Guide - Hasty 2/2 for one mana. Need I say more? The drawback is absolutely worth it.

Vexing Devil - Best case scenario I get a 4/3 for one mana. Worst case scenario I deal 4 damage to the opponent's head for one mana. Either way, Vengevine is coming back.

Goblin Bushwhacker - Almost never just cast for one mana. Giving every creature you have haste and +1/+1 is incredible. I usually cast him either on T3 with one other one cost creature, or on T4 for a game winning swing. Can lead to some surprise wins as it can often times add 7+ power to your attacking and throw off your opponent's math.


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