Found a Standard Legal deck that won't rotate out until next year and looked fun.

Pump up your Electrostatic Pummeler, pay 3 energy to double him up, then fling him if you want! Bristling Hydra is hard to get rid of, and Voltaic Brawler along with Longtusk Cub are both threats. Pump spells include Blossoming Defense and Invigorated Rampage with Larger Than Life in the sideboard. Removal is Abrade and Harnessed Lightning, with Magma Spray in the sideboard.

Already had a lot of the cards and I may have watched too much of the PT, so decided to make it.

Would like some input on the maybe board. What swaps should I make? Hoping to test it out at my first FNM soon.



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This deck is Standard legal.

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