Hi all!

Since the spoiler of Solemnity I knew I wanted to make a deck around it in Standard for fun. I have been playing with it in a B/W deck located here. It has worked out very well so far but I do not like having Dread Wanderer and Scrapheap Scrounger too much, which is where the third color comes in at. Green adds in some really dope cards that will definitely benefit us more than Dread and Scrapheap did.


We begin our deck with our creatures, starting out with a play set of Channeler Initiate. Initiate works very well as an early drop for either ramp or as a 3/4 with Solemnity out. Both of those are advantageous for us as we can either get Solemnity out a turn early, or have a big attacker / defender late game.

To negate counters when we do not have Solemnity out early on, we play a play set of Vizier of Remedies. It functions solely as a way to get Plague Belcher, Crocodile of the Crossing , and Ammit Eternal out without their negative abilities.

At the three drop spot we run a play set of both Ammit Eternal and Plague Belcher. Both of these cards are incredible if you have Solemnity or even Vizier of Remedies out as they are effectively a 5/5 and 5/4 with Menace for 3CMC, which is nuts in Standard. Unless you get hit by Hour of Devastation or Grasp of Darkness, you're safe from the vast majority of popular removal in the game.

Four drop we have a play set of Crocodile of the Crossing who comes in late with Haste and can definitely turn a game around as our opponent isn't really expecting him to drop. Haste really comes in handy here and it has won me games as a top deck.


The heart of our deck, Solemnity makes a controversial play set in this deck. Having more than one copy of Solemnity is definitely not good and it honestly hasn't been removed at all because the majority of people aren't really packing enchantment hate. Abrade is super popular right now and it does nothing against enchantments, so we're great there. We will still run a play set of them as we NEED Solemnity on the battlefield at all times. It is truly the soul of this deck and the deck runs so smoothly with it out.

We also run a suite of removal spells in this deck including a play set of Fatal Push to keep our opponent's board clean. We also have a play set of Grasp of Darkness to get rid of indestructible creatures and also some creatures that Fatal Push cannot remove. I have also been fiddling around with Anguished Unmaking to very positive results. If you do not wish to run the play set of Fatal Push as it's quite expensive, Anguished Unmaking works just as well if not better in some circumstances.

Lastly, we have a play set of Driven / Despair. Driven is great as it gives our creatures trample and allows us to draw a card. As the vast majority of our creatures are 5+ toughness, trample can really ruin a board full of chump blockers day. Usually you can draw an extra card or two every time this is played. The reverse side, Despair, gives everything menace and makes our opponent discard a card. It is very easy to play both sides of this card in the same cast which can be devastating as all of our creatures will receive trample and menace.


Pretty basic here, we'll run a play set of Blooming Marsh and Concealed Courtyard as well as two copies of Canopy Vista until the fall, and then we will change Canopy out for Sunpetal Grove making it's way back in to Standard. In addition to our dual lands we run 3 Forests, 4 Plains, 5 Swamps, and 2 copies of Scavenger Grounds to get rid of our opponent's graveyard in matches like God-Pharaoh's Gift and U/R Control to negate Torrential Gearhulk's ability. It has always been a card that has really pissed our opponent off as they don't expect to see it.

That really does it for the main board, let's move on to the side.


Sideboard is pretty janky for now. I'm trying a whole bunch of shit to see how it works out. First off we have three copies of Authority of the Consuls for Mono Red Aggro which is really sweeping the format right now, and Consuls stops it pretty hard in it's tracks. Two copies of Aven Mindcensor are present for decks that search their libraries, this totally shuts down God-Pharaoh's Gift most of the time as well as decks that have to tutor for anything. One copy of Fragmentize for small artifacts we may come across. Two copies of Kambal, Consul of Allocations because this card really pisses off control decks. If he isn't removed or countered, he'll deal a few points of damage before he is finally removed. 2x Anguished Unmaking for some exiling anything. 2x Appetite for the Unnatural as artifact / enchantment hate. 2x Yahenni's Expertise for board wipes. Finally, two copies of Prowling Serpopard to fuck with control some more.


So, Driven / Despair is very underwhelming in this deck. I have changed that out and have since added in a play set of Exemplar of Strength to test it out for a little bit as we need more creatures in this deck. The deck is currently working great as last night it 4-0'd my FNM pool to include victories over Mardu Vehicles and Temur Energy. Also testing out God-Pharaoh's Faithful in this deck as an early blocker and source of life gain as most of our creatures are black.


Took out God-Pharaoh's Faithful as Ramunap Red is on the downfall as of late, added in two copies of Rhonas the Indomitable as almost every creature in our deck lets him attack, as well as Gideon of the Trials as a test run.

Voila! This is my take on making Solemnity playable in Standard until I come up with some other type of jank for it. I love this card so much and this deck is definitely fun to play if you get the combo going. Please let me know if there is something I can improve on, add to the deck, take away from the deck, or do differently. I appreciate all types of criticism and help!



camarouge says... #1

I'm currently looking at Solemnity as a build-around because I see it much the way people see God-Pharaoh's Gift, a new noncreature permanent that can generate lots of value if built with the right cards.

I do like your inclusion of Exemplar of Strength as I feel like it's a great two-drop that can also be a decent threat in the late game.

I would add in Claim / Fame as your deck has an abundance of creatures you can reanimate with it, and channeler initiates can cast the Fame half without swapping land to splash for it. I would also find a place to add in a Skysovereign, Consul Flagship or two because finding pilots should not be a problem with so many 3/4s and 4/4s costing two mana available, and it is aslo a flying creature.

August 9, 2017 3:42 p.m.

Variux says... #2


Hi, thanks for your comment!

Exemplar has been doing some work for me. I truly underestimated how great that card can be. Claim / Fame is interesting, I may have to check in to that card as it does pick up half of our deck. I do have a copy of Skysovereign, Consul Flagship so I can test with that out. I wanted to use Aethersphere Harvester but dat energy counter.

August 10, 2017 9:54 p.m.

Brownkid09 says... #3

Been play testing a deck very similar to this one. camarouge already commented on my page. Uncage the Menagerie has been doing some work for me. I have found that it helps fill the lack of card draw I so desperately desire. Rhonas the Indomitable has also been a great bomb for me. As for Skysovereign, Consul Flagship I really want to work it into the deck, but am finding it hard to make space.

+1 for sure!

Check out my deck if you haven't seen it yet.

August 11, 2017 9:42 p.m.

Variux says... #4


It's funny you mention Rhonas the Indomitable because I was actually going to add him today anyways. I like Uncage the Menagerie, I'll have to test it out but I'm not really sure what it'll replace for now.

August 12, 2017 8:17 p.m.

Antwaan33 says... #5

why Vizier of Remedies if you have Solemnity?

August 13, 2017 7:07 p.m.

Brownkid09 says... #6

Vizier of Remedies works kind of like an early game Solemnity. For example: If an opponent would cast a spell this would normally trigger placing a -1/-1 counter on your Ammit Eternal. However, if Vizier of Remedies were also out on your field, you would removes a -1/-1 counter minus one. This completely negates having to place a -1/-1 counter on your Ammit Eternal. This works with the other creatures involved in the deck as well. Channeler Initiate, Exemplar of Strength, and Plague Belcher

August 13, 2017 10:27 p.m.

Variux says... #7


Pretty much exactly what Brownkid09 says. I am looking to remove it for another creature however, or another spell perhaps. When Ixalan drops, Vizier of Remedies will probably be removed as the -1/-1 counter isn't such a big deal, but it does really help with Ammit Eternal.

August 13, 2017 10:43 p.m.

Brownkid09 says... #8

I recently took my version of this deck to FNM this last weekend. Got just straight up killed. My meta is mostly mono red agro-decks and mardu vehicles. Perhaps if you could stabilize with cards like God-Pharaoh's Faithful or Authority of the Consuls maybe it would work better.

August 13, 2017 10:52 p.m.

someone21 says... #9

I love this deck so much! What would you replace to make it somewhat budget?

August 14, 2017 11:10 p.m.

Variux says... #10


Well, you can remove Fatal Push and use something like Dead Weight as that's the poor man's Fatal Push. Most of what you can remove with Push, Dead Weight can probably hit as well. You can remove Rhonas the Indomitable and Gideon of the Trials pretty easily and replace them with really anything you like that fits the scheme. I used to just run 4 copies of God-Pharaoh's Faithful in their place because you can drop your counters from Channeler Initiate or Exemplar of Strength. You can add Crocodile of the Crossing in as well.

The majority of the cost comes from Concealed Courtyard and Blooming Marsh which can be replaced with Foul Orchard or Forsaken Sanctuary if you want super budget, but they won't be anywhere near as good. Good lands are some of the first things I would recommend buying in a format, especially since these ones won't rotate until the end of 2018. Both of the lands are also used quite frequently in Modern, so they're a two for one.

You could also probably go down a few Solemnity if you wanted, but I wouldn't recommend that at all. They're pretty cheap as is.

August 14, 2017 11:18 p.m.

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