Got the OMG KITTIES ( set from my wife as a gift. Trying to make a fun to play tribal out of it! Input appreciated.

This is now still "draft" but has been played enough to fine tune some. Here are my initial findings:

Smaller creatures faster with low cost equipment seems to be the format that is fun and fairly effective. Is it the best deck for that? No, but it is feasible and very fun. Keeping CMC down seems critical.

More tutors might make it more effective, but I'm trying to avoid pushing those hard.

Needs more mana rocks. But that's normal and was sort of expected.

Added Shadowspear now that TBD is released. Swapped some other stuff and don't even remember exactly what now, but it lowered CMC more.

Would really like to get Eldrazi Conscription in as another finisher, but really not sure what to cut to put it in.

Definitely still love input!


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