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01 - Krond, let's play with enchantments

Commander / EDH Budget Enchantment GW (Selesnya) Multiplayer Ramp



Goal : Ramp, get Krond the Dawn-Clad out, enchant him and attack for the win.

You have lots of ramp that let you play Krond fast. Once he's out, you need to protect him with auras or enchantments (Umbras are good for that!). You can play auras on your mana dorks, cause you don't need them much once you've played Krond, except if you got lots of draw already. Play more auras, draw, attack, win. You have good cards for protection.

Tutor for what you need when you need (if you have lots of mana and are in good position, Spectra Ward is SO good, Sage's Reverie make you draws a lot (or at least replace itself), Alpha Authority protects your creature and make it hard to block, etc etc etc. Lots of options for all situations.

Tried to keep it cheap, but I had some expensive lands already. You can easily play without them. Femeref Enchantress is the only card over 2$ (except lands).

Cheap, fun, easy to play!

Feel free to make suggestion, feedback and/or (+1). Thx


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