This is my first and my "main" commander deck. It's gone through several variations but I've settled on it being based around Artifact control. It's a fair deck and purposely has no infinites. I tried to also make it so the deck does not rely on the Sen Triplets so much and can function well without them. The non-artifact creatures are there for support, Avacyn for Indestructable, Archangel of Thune for life gain and to strengthen the team, Leonin Abunus for protection and Muzzio for some free artifact. There is limited infect with Inkmoth nexus and Blightsteel Colossus but don't rely on it unless the opportunity presents itself. I was debating on adding a bit more infect like Skithyrix and Tainted Strike to make infect another win condition. Magister Sphinx and Sorin Markov take care of Life gain decks as long as I can get the knock soon after their life total hits 10. There is a lot of control but could throw in more with Time Stop and Mind Break Trap.


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