This is a budget implementation of an enchantment based control shell broken down in three categories: control, removal, and win cons. The goal is to scope out the battlefield, identity threats, and then prevent the opponent from dealing damage or entering combat without paying substantial amounts of mana. Remember the goal isn't to win, but force your opponent into a long and drawn out battle of attrition.


Ghostly Prison - Make the opponent pay dearly when it comes to entering combat with their creatures.

Leyline of Sanctity - Hits burn and hand disruption extremely hard as these strategies become nullified.

Spreading Seas - Lock your opponent out of using lands critical to getting their win condition online. This card can be used for full effect against Burn, Tempo, or Tron decks to slow them down.

Runed Halo - Tactical card for stonewalling combo decks and creatures that you consider a threat.

Copy Enchantment - Take your pick, as this can be used to copy any enchantment on the battlefield.

Sphere of Safety - This card plus any number of your enchantments makes it absolutely unbearable for any creature rich deck to play fair magic.


Detention Sphere - Universal answer to everything except lands, instants, and sorceries. This card can also deal with token strategies pretty efficiently, since cards with the same name are blasted into the abyss.

Porphyry Nodes - Designed to perpetually slow your opponent down as your creatures aren't subjected to its effects. While this card is slow, it can often times back your opponent into a corner where they are forced to hold back casting creatures.

Win Cons

Heliod, God of the Sun - Chump token generator for days, also it is possible to achieve a lock with Porphyry Nodes (assuming nothing is used to Exile him). This lock can make Porphyry Nodes stay on the battlefield almost indefinitely.

Thassa, God of the Sea - Card filter engine with the added bonus of granting your creatures evasion.

Sigil of the Empty Throne - Assuming your game can go longer than T5, this card can pump out evasive creatures that can take the game.

Celestial Colonnade - Long hall evasive creature.

Myth Realized - Evasive card with the ability to slowly creep up in power levels. *Removed From Main board.

Hall of Heliod's Generosity - Great anti-control card as it essentially laughs at countermagic.

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx -. Accelerate your late gameplay by ramping Mana based on your enchantments already on the battlefield.


Nevermore - Excellent against Combo, Control, and Tron decks.

Sea's Claim - Additional land hate for Jund, Burn and Tron decks

Worship - When the board gets really bad and death from combat damage is likely this card can save the day.

Rest in Peace - Because Dredge, Control, and Jund still rely on graveyard shenanigans in order to function.

Stoney Silence - Yeah Urza and Affinity are real threats that undermine our strategy.

Greater Auramancy - Helps protect our vital asset's against removal spells.

Threat Assessment

This deck has several key limitations, that is Path to Exile , enchantment removal (there's plenty in modern), counter magic and speed. I have come to the conclusion that the best opening hand should have at least one Ghostly Prison as it greatly impacts your opponents ability to play aggressively. This card and Copy Enchantment wrecks aggro strategies fairly consistently by T3.


Countermagic and Tron, this deck has exceptionally difficult matchups against these types of decks. Due to the fact control players can hard counter much of your strategy, stabilize, and lock you out of the game with Jace. Tron can simply get massive damage on the board so quickly it's almost impossible to setup a "lockable" board state. The sideboard is tailored around these two decks in particular, I have added even more land hate for dealing with Burn and Tron, and Win-con denials for control.


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