With multiple blue cards that enable the Izzet Phoenix deck rotating in the fall, here is an attempt to get the same value from a Rakdos build.

Barrier of Bones provides good early game protection, as well as filtering/discard. Rotting Regisaur can be a beater and get birds into the yard. Ashiok filters, drops stuff into our yard, and keeps the opponent from doing graveyard shenanigans or messing with their library. Our instant/sorcery suite is not unlike many UR builds in that it runs multiple burn spells and Tormenting Voice. Risk Factor and Maximize Velocity utilize jump-start to get birds into the yard, as well as either hit for damage/card draw. Finale of Promise makes hitting a phoenix easy. Crash Through provides card draw and can enable Regisaur to plow through blockers. In Black, main deck Duress provides information and a needed 1drop black spell.


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