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Mono-black with a hybrid twist. I've been playing this deck for over 5 years, but Golos, Tireless Pilgrim is a massive upgrade to the original commander, Reaper King. Either way, I have a commander that can be cast with only black mana that allows me to play all 5 colors in the deck. While there are a lot of the usual black staples, ~20% of the deck is made up of cards that can be cast with only black mana but can't be played in a normal mono-black deck. This gives me access to a lot of effects that fall outside of what people expect to see from the black deck, and that helps keep the games interesting. My favorite part of the deck is the Birthing Pod/Fiend Artisan value engine where I combine Golos and Gleancrawler to tutor a land and a creature each turn.

My deckbuilding philosophy is to avoid playing broken fast mana in the same deck as infinite combos, and fast mana is more fun for me than combos. While I'm running cards like Mana Crypt and Grim Monolith, all I can do with them here is play a fair game unfairly quickly. My endgame involves a lot of permanents to boost mana and devotion, so the deck can be sort of a glass cannon against decks with multiple sweepers or heavy disruption. If you let me build up mana doublers until I can one-shot the table with Exsanguinate, that's on you.

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