An UW-variant of my modern control deck. Less susceptible to Blood Moon and stands a better chance against aggro/burn. The game plan should be pretty obvious - maintain board control and card advantage until you're ready to slam a game-winning planeswalker and completely take over. Card choices explained below:

No fourth Cryptic Command because it's just too clunky. Great when it's great, exceeding mediocre when it isn't. Don't get me wrong, it's a great card- just not something I want to jam four of in the deck. I know that's heretical for a control player to say, but I think it's the right choice.
1x Disallow as a 4th hard counter, with the added benefit of being able to stifle storm triggers and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger cast triggers. This card started as an experiment and far exceeded my expectations, I recommend every control player consider a one-of somewhere in their 75.
2x Supreme Will because it shores up the inherent weakness of Mana Leak - that is, the fact that it's a dead card late game. This is still a monstrous digging engine late that can find the wrath you need to stay alive or the 'walker you need to secure the game.
2-1 split of Supreme Verdict and Wrath of God for two reasons: A) it helps avoid the Meddling Mage lock, and B) Ezuri and Thrunn both get played at my LGS, so the non-regeneration clause is actually relevant for me.
Only 23 lands because, after extensive testing, this is the number that feels most appropriate. Between 2x Search for Azcanta  Flip and the fact that I'm not running any X spells like Secure the Wastes or Sphinx's Revelation , 23 lands is more than enough to accomplish my goals.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, as every deck always has room to improve.


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