Black Knight

The relentless undead knights rise from the grave again and again to murder your opponents.

Beat down the enemy with your various (black) knights, Haakon, Stromgald Scourge is there to resurrect them, and lets you beat the opponent some more.

Haakon cannot be cast from your hand, only your graveyard, so we use either Entomb to fetch him from the library to the graveyard or discarding him with Dark Deal or Call the Bloodline.

If things get too dicy use Mutilate or Damnation to blow up the board. Then just resurrect your dudes and continue the siege. Crypt of Agadeem makes sure you have plenty of mana for this purpose. And added in Ixilan Bloodcrazed Paladin can be really sick with this.

Rest of the deck is utility. Altar's Reap is card draw and Basilisk Collar for some lifegain and scary blockers.

Nameless Inversion gives unlimited removal with Haakon.

Trying to make a good black knight tribal deck, so it'd be nice to get some tips how to make it better! (mana curve, fitting spells, creatures?, lands or funny combos)

Just a flesh wound


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Since I was planning a deck for modern and apparently you can't trust TO 100% the Entomb + Haakon, Stromgald Scourge combo had to go (may be a fun combo for casual play though). I did replace it with Liliana's Indignation to increase the chance of putting Haakon in the graveyard as well as doing some damage.

Also; removed Basilisk Collar for Ashenmoor Liege, to make the deck more creature heavy because of the Liliana's Indignation addition. +++ Lords are always good.


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