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The whole purpose of this deck is to put -1/-1 counters on every creature on the board, because it is useful with the cards it plays. Crumbling ashes and blowfly infestation combo helps pick off any annoying creatures while your flourishing defenses spawns tons of creatures. Beseech the Queen can grab lands also (forest) so use if you have to. Don't be afraid to snuff all your 1/1 elfs because flourishing defenses is when a -1/-1 counter is put on a creature, so its especially useful to drop a snuffer after you attack with your 1/1 elfs, always Beseech for a Kulrath Knight if you dont have one, because it is the single most anoying card your deck plays with the exception of Necroskitter in some situations.

-You'll label me/ I'll label you/ so i dub the unforgiven- Metallica


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