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Pauper All-Star Cube

By Y2Krj

Score: 7


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This is a Pauper cube based on Adam Styborski's famous model.

These are the archetypes you can expect:

Azorius: Fliers with bounce spells and creatures

Dimir: Control with late game payoff and card draw

Rakdos: Aggro with removal and reach to punch through

Gruul: Tokens that can go wide or tall

Selesnya: Tokens that swarm the battlefield quickly

Orzhov: Fliers with the widest removal suite in the cube

Golgari: Graveyard value, delving and graveyard tutoring for value

Simic: Ramp that can go over the top of any deck

Izzet: Burn with fliers and plenty of haste

Boros: Tokens that punish slower decks and draws

DISCLAIMER: Any uncommon and/or rare cards listed here were printed as a common on an MTGO set like Vintage Masters. I'm trying to get as many cards with the modern card face for the Cube as possible, however.

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Pack size 15
Cards 413
Date added 4 years
Last updated 6 months