Eternal Cube

This cube is built from spare cards in my collection. Intended to feel like a mixture of eternal formats. Typical archetypes are supported with a focus on decks of 1-3 colours with relatively high power levels and consistency. Each colour has a mixture of iconic powerful cards. You'll be rewarded in terms of power if you manage to draft a mono coloured deck. However having a second or third colour will be needed depending on what type of deck you want e.g reanimator, sneak and show or a RUG, BUG or Grixis Delver style.

Mono coloured deck themes: Black - necropotence - devotion - discard/reanimation spells Green - elves - ramp - planeswalkers/creature bombs Blue - tempo/ devotion - counters - card draw/filter Red - burn - aggro - looting/artifact White - removal - wheenie taxes - equipment Artifacts - mana rocks - equipment - specialised themed utility for main deck themes Gold - 4 of each from each two colour combination Land - 4 for each two colour pairing plus 5 colourless utility lands

Multicoloured archetypes and strategies are supported for the ten ravnica guilds pairs.

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Pack size 15
Cards 360
Date added 1 year
Last updated 2 months