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Commander Cube

By Kedvesem

Score: 7

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My Commander cube was, like a phoenix, born out of the ashes--ashes of my glut of Commander decks. I gradually pared down my decks only to my most favorite ten or so...

Considering that I at one time had 40+ decks, this was a large undertaking. I traded away my guild cube and my excess cards, and still I had many cards left.

I also collect Legends, and I have at least one copy of every Legendary card. I wasn't running all the fetchlands I had, and since my darling and I had gone on an expedition to get all the Zendikar Expeditions, it seemed a shame not to use them somewhere.

Then, as we were coming home from a date, my darling said, "You know, we could probably build a Commander cube..." I stared at him. It was a stroke of genius, on the level of Pooh's umbrella boat. I nodded. It was perfect.

So I eyeballed it. I gathered approximately the same number of each color, then did the same for the guild pairs, and pretty much the same for the shards/wedges. I threw them together, and my Commander cube was born. In testing, we have added a few cards, tweaked a few things (Titania, Protector of Argoth just never worked in draft...) , and now we play it nearly every week.

Suggestions are welcome!

Colorless (708)

Land (633)

Gold (269)

Creature (185)

White (94)

Blue (86)

Black (94)