MTG Combo: Pariah + Stuffy Doll


Chasmolinker on

1 year ago

I've done the Alms Beast + Tainted Remedy thing before. Threw in Pariah + Stuffy Doll as well. That deck was fun.

Jaytotheareokay on Stealing Storm?

1 year ago

Pariah + Stuffy Doll kind of. Its kind of a build around so it depends on exactly how much shit this particular storm player was talking.

Rurara_Rahura on Diplomatic Immunity

1 year ago

Interestingly, If you start the game with Providence then burn is a non-issue.

If you don't have Providence in hand to start then you can try for Pariah + Stuffy Doll to make a burn strategy ineffective.

In any other case, the burn-opponent will need to win by turn 5 or 4 which is very difficult.

Rurara_Rahura on Diplomatic Immunity

1 year ago

Thanks MrSilk, I'm glad someone is having as good a time as I do with this deck.

Your alterations are all great. The main reason my version is composed this way is mostly due to the time that I chose to build it. Then, Beseech the Queen was a little difficult to get my hands on because it hadn't yet been reprinted. On top of that, the only reason I'm not running Fiend Hunter + Reveillark is because they didn't exist until several months later.

I originally had three Scour in the deck but I moved them to the sideboard and eventually they fell out of rotation. Since I picked up the Snow-covered basic lands though, I may sneak it back in. Basically, the deck plays a very hard game and I was getting a lot of guff for gutting people's decks.

I'm sure the reason people are not as threatened by Ajani's Chosen + Enchanted Evening is because they've forgotten the horror that is the Shadowmoore block, lol.

Pariah + Stuffy Doll is meant as a back-up. I can only think of one game I've played that it was absolutely necessary, wherein a player removed all my Enchanted Evenings from the game. So Stuffy Doll threatened a draw until I could find three Oblivion Ring to manually kill them. My Stuffy Doll plays are often on turn 5 when I don't have Enchanted Evening.~~~~~

In regard to your questions:1, There are exactly 33% lands in the deck. This is for my comfort mostly, but if you're using the deck in an online game then that may be the issue. Most shuffling algorithms will shuffle far better than we might by hand so the land-to-non-land ratio can get sidelined. I can't guarantee that this will fix it, but you can try to pair down the following cards to three copies each: Stuffy Doll, Echoing Calm, Oblivion Ring, Pariah. If your composition is still similar to my version then that would give you about 40% lands, which I consider to be "flooded" lol.

If you're not using it online then the above suggestion could still work, but I would just spend some extra time shuffling between games.

2, The best opening hand in my opinion is:Angel's Grace (or Providence), Blasting Station, Pariah, Ajani's Chosen, two Plains and a Swamp. With this composition you have an equal probability (7% + 0.2% per card drawn) to draw into either Stuffy Doll or Enchanted Evening.

During the game you only have two options every turn. Either A, Continue with your own plan and get closer to finishing the combo you want; or B, Disrupt your opponent's plan by removing one of their important permanents. If you are doing either of these things then you're on the right track, but don't get discouraged if you have to keep spending your turns on dealing with your opponent because the more turns you spend the higher probability that your winning draw is on the next turn.

On turn 5, if you don't have a complete combo (given the opening hand in this example) then you should have just under 20% probability to draw what you need and anything you draw that isn't part of the combo can be used to control the field, save your lifepoints, or tutor for the missing piece.

Beyond turn 5 your focus should be on disrupting your opponent. So hold on to Angel's Grace as long as possible and concentrate on removing threats. Do not hesitate to throw Pariah on one of your opponent's creatures if you're in the shit. That one enchantment has saved me more times than any other card in the deck!

In the future I'm going to improve this build with a set of Inquisition of Kozilek for sharper removal. So use those if you have a few copies and your first three turns should be very comfortable.

WacoCatbox on Infinite Death

2 years ago

The hydra requires the boots to make it hasty and to protect it. I personally have lost too many games with my combo decks by casting creatures that get countered, exiled, destroyed, wiped. I would eliminate the hydra. The rest of the deck doesn't make a ton of mana to make it worth it without the infinite combo (casting little hydras just to survive is demoralizing). I recommend Commune with the Gods and Devil's Play. You can use a Devil's Play from the graveyard (sent there by the commune that helped you get your creature for the combo). The Pariah + Stuffy Doll protection combo will be too slow I think, plus it makes you splash white (needing expensive Flooded Strands :p)
Also the Asceticism is rather expensive in mana and dollars. I've saved more combos with Negate than anything. Also consider Commune with Nature if you want to go more green or Taigam's Scheming if you want to go more blue (and if you do, I would definitely use Muddle the Mixture)

WonderingSavior on Gisela, Blade of Goldnight

2 years ago

Since you have so many possible combos that use them, I'd try 3 to start and work from there. Choose your favorites for now.

The first card I think should be cut is Goblin Assault. I could understand if you had more goblins or "when nontoken creature ETB" effects, but I can only imagine specific board states where the extra 1/1 is a threat.

I also wouldn't consider Pariah + Stuffy Doll in this deck. You don't have any tutoring (which is going to be a recurring problem trying to get combo pieces together), so you're basically crossing your fingers for the combo. At least with the others there is more than one combo the cards can fit into. This one stands alone.

Lightning Helix needs to be cut too. It's an amazing card in any other format, but I value spot removal in EDH that isn't limited to a specific amount of damage (i.e. ). You can sub in Path to Exile in it's place.

I'd also sub out Serra Avenger -> Adarkar Valkyrie, and Tajic, Blade of the Legion -> Sun Titan.

Even with these substitutions, I'm not sure how else to squeeze in some of your other combo pieces since I feel like you're trying to have the deck play two different roles. As it stands, your deck seems more Beatdown than Combo. If someone else can see how to mix these two themes better, all power to you, but I find that lack of card draw and tutors isn't conducive to busting out infinite combos.

Pro_Noob on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER*

2 years ago

as a combo player, I saw you were playing R/W and immediately thought of the Solitary Confinement + Squee, Goblin Nabob combo. it is a good way to lock your opponents down if you really cant win. it also lets you win if you only have like 1 flyer and a really low life total. plus you con tutor for the enchantment with Idyllic Tutor or Enlightened Tutor.

Furnace of Rath also makes for a tasty damage buff, especially with lifelink. If you are running the aforementioned combo, it is essentially an ultimatum saying "concede now or die in 3 seconds." I also love using Manabarbs to slow down the opponents if that's your thing. If you do, I would suggest also running Personal Sanctuary and maybe Ankh of Mishra. That might just be from me loving my Mogis, God of Slaughter edh deck, though. if you decide to go with the damage doubler, Dictate of the Twin Gods and Gratuitous Violence are both pretty good. especially given that Gratuitous Violence only buffs your stuff.

If you put in any of these, it is essentially a permanent version of Quest for Pure Flame, so I would swap it with that. I personally don't like Grafted Wargear, so I would probably swap that for something else if you decide to put anything in, but if you like it, then it should stay. thats really just more a personal preference of mine because all of my "friends" run a ton of artifact removal.

I also like Pariah + Stuffy Doll , but I dont think that really fits the deck also, you have Boros Reckoner already, so Stuffy Doll might not be necessary.. I just thought it might be something to think about. it might be really good with Spirit Link or Spirit Loop, though. Mark of Asylum couold really make this combo work, too.

Fling might make a really good finisher for this deck. it can be great and take people by surprise.

that might not be very voltron though, so lets see if we can add some more aggro suggestions:

Kiln Fiend and Monastery Swiftspear. the best aggro in red. they both get buffs, but the fiend has something better than prowess. super prowess? turbo prowess? IDK, the point is they are good.

Aven Warcraft, Holy Mantle, Spirit Mantle and Spectra Ward give nice bonuses and protection. giving avacyn pro-creatures seems really funny.

Academy Rector might be good for getting free enchantments, especially if any are high cost. as a nice bonus, it is a good block choicce, and it can be killed by flipping avacyn, which might be what you want to do with it.

Murder Investigation could be a backup for if avacyn gets killed off at some point. at the very least, it gives you a nice army to chump block with while avacyn gets over her summoning sickness.

well, thats about everything I can think of for this deck. some of it (especially the early suggestions) probably wont work out in a fast meta as they are kinda slow, but if you get into a more casual meta, they could seriously buff the deck. awesome idea, too. definitely gets a +1

also, I dont really know the EDH ban list too well, so I might have reccomended a bunch of banned cards by accident. oh well.

The_Redpill on Goblins Win Pauper

3 years ago

I can't think of Merfolk, but one thing you might like is Stuffy Doll.

The point I'm trying to make is Pariah + Stuffy Doll