MTG Combo: Ad Nauseam + Angel's Grace

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Starsky2814 on Protean Chromium, Elder Dragon

7 months ago

SynergyBuild, the combo I thought about adding was Ad Nauseam + Angel's Grace and wrap it up with Sickening Dreams. I definitely would need a control build to protect that combo. Though I am so glad you mentioned Traumatize. That spell sounds perfect in addition to a follow up of a Replenish, Retether, or Open the Vaults. Inanity, would you agree that Traumatize is a must add? After your success with being milled and dropping a bomb like Replenish that sounds like part of the strategy we are looking for.

Lilbrudder on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

1 year ago

Angels and Demons for Breakfast by Dan Brownweaver

Commander / EDH* Lilbrudder


Just as a point of reference. This is my version of breakfast hulk, which has reanimator lines instead of Ad Nauseam + Angel's Grace . For about the same concentration of combo peices that decks like froggie need, this deck can win via Razaketh, the Foulblooded Buried Alive+Reanimate, Bomberman, PacMan, Hermit druid, Manual Cephalid Illusionist+Nomads en-Kor, flash hulk or just reanimate Jin and it survives for a turn cycle. The deck averages slightly faster than a turn 3 win, it is viable in longer (2+hour games), all the combo enablers are interchageable, both thras and tymna offer card advantage and are efficiently costed, and the deck has answers to any situation. For a deck to be tier 1, this is the type of deck it is up against. There are (maybe) 5-6 decks at this level. I love SBT and even froggie, but they are not in the same league tbh

filthyc4sual on Yore Death Shadow

1 year ago

One problem I've always had with Chrome Mox is that it exiles a card, and then I don't have any more cards in that color. If you have the budget for it, I would use Mox Diamond. If not, I also like Lotus Petal, although that doesn't stick around. The same goes for Fury of the Horde, although I don't know what you would replace it with; maybe Assault Strobe or Temur Battle Rage? I would add four Street Wraith and cut the Ad Nauseam + Angel's Grace package, which is cute but expensive and doesn't have much synergy with the rest of the deck. I would replace it with Vampiric Tutor, which both finds and pumps Death's Shadow.

Nice deck! It's cool that Death's Shadow is being played outside of modern.

Gennten on Carpe Noctum

1 year ago

Hey! sonnet666

I spent days looking at way to improve Kaalia, this list is what I currently have (Kaalia, Combo Stax), and I'm curious what your take is on it. This is a stax/hatebear list, and I'm trying to work with many things, such as a steep mana curve, low land count, and less noncreatures. I generally feel the anticipation of Kaalia of the Vast in casual metas makes her more susceptible to removal, making it more difficult to cast from the command zone. It's why it's preferable to cast her once she's ready to attack with Razaketh, the Foulblooded or Hellcarver Demon.

Regarding Razaketh, Kaalia as I could see serves as two roles. When Razaketh enters the field due to Kaalia's ability, Kaalia and another creature can be sacrificed to set up infinite mana strategies, whether be Bomberman (Auriok Salvagers + Lion's Eye Diamond ) or Worldgorger combo (Animate Dead + Entomb ).

With 3W, you float an arbitrary amount of mana using Salvager's ability to recur Lion's Eye Diamond, then sacrifice Salvagers to Razaketh and fetch Walking Ballista.

With BB1, you Entomb and Animate Dead Worldgorger Dragon. After floating that arbitrary amount of mana from the combo, you Animate Dead a different creature from the graveyard. Sacrifice that creature to fetch Walking Ballista.

These are each cost-effective strategies, and there are many others I've added to try deviating from the tribal aggro approach like Ad Nauseam + Angel's Grace .

Brentaver on

2 years ago

Having a rough time against infinite combo? You don't want your opponents to have fun? trying to lose all friends you ever made? This is just the deck for you! Stax-based control variant to make sure your opponents don't win. Azor's Elocutors + Solitary Confinement , Ad Nauseam + Angel's Grace , Mana Web + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth .

Ender666666 on #SorryNotSorry

3 years ago

MrHighscore, thanks for the feedback, you make some great points that I will consider.

Regarding a few of your questions:

Please continue to comment if you have other thoughts