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Zephyr Charge


{1}{U}: Target creature gains flying until end of turn.

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Zephyr Charge Discussion

NicBudgetBuilderExtraordinaire on Rulings According to todd

1 month ago

so in his eyes.... how would, say, Zephyr Charge work then? Since it's not a creature.... it's ability cannot be activated, thus making it a 2-drop POS?

BTW my brain hurts yet again....

RussischerZar on Dismiss into Dream

2 months ago

Battlefield Thaumaturge works really well with Gridlock and Curse of the Swine (if you choose to add that). You can probably add him in place of Artisan of Forms , she doesn't really have anything good to copy from your own deck. While AEtherling is a good creature, it fits better in a control deck. If you're going for Dismiss into Dream , you should probably try to add somthing that can repeatedly target other creatures, like Zephyr Charge or similar.

Also, your curve has a big hole in the 4 and 5 drops, maybe you should try to fill that a bit.

Dreno33 on We Will Fight in the Shade!

2 months ago

Unsure why, but you still haven't added 4 Zephyr Charge . It'll replace the horrible 3 Flying Carpet and you can take out the 3 Caller of Gales in order to add 2-3 Plummet for the big dudes you can't kill unless you have a collar out.

Hope that helps!

Very cool deck.

Frytrix99 on PewPewPewPew

2 months ago

Zephyr Charge ? You will always be able to give flying to his creatures

tj70 on We Will Fight in the Shade!

3 months ago

Ah, Frytrix99. I didn't see this post, sorry it took so long to get back to ya. I really like the Gorgon's Head . It does all the important things I need from Basilisk Collar . Zephyr Charge is also a great idea. I just love the flavor text and imagery behind the idea of using a flying carpet, haha. As for Thornweald Archer , he's mainly in here just to get more archers in, to use as a blocker, and because I really like the look of those Future Sight cards. Thanks again for the input!

jerrbone15 on Dismiss into Dream Deck

3 months ago

More Dismis into dream for starters. Then you use things like Skygames to target creatures along with Zephyr Charge . Hidden Strings is also a great idea to target multiple targets over and over. Oh oh Gridlock

narahi on W/U Heroic

4 months ago

Yeah i just feel Auramancer isn't effective enough or fast enough, the slot would be better suited for another creature of another way to trigger heroic. If you are getting recked by enchantment hate then I would change your sideboard to have some more instants in it and sub those out when you need it. Like more Mizzium Skin s, Gods Willing , or Brave the Elements .

I agree with taking the Precinct Captain s out and with the thought of taking the Judge's Familiar s out. The other card options you have are just better, Detention Sphere being the best in my opinion haha. It gets rid of gods, kills tokens, shuts down Pack Rat like it is its fucking job.

I can see how Phalanx Leader , I agree with that, he's not my style haha, but good.

I would say to keep Gift of Orzhova instead of some cheap way to get lifelink. Mortal's Ardor , or cards like it, are harder to deal without a counter spell and are quicker and easier with being a one drop but you get a lot more for the slot with gift. It doesn't just give you the lifelink but a way of getting through with flying and the same goes for Ordeal of Heliod , it gives you one more power and toughness and more instant gratification with life gain, but still not as good as gift and won't synergize with Ethereal Armor . If you are trying to make the deck strictly aggro though then I can see why you would run ardor. If anything I would do Ordeal of Thassa for the card draw, much deadlier than the life gain.

I agree with keeping Ajani, Caller of the Pride . I have him in my selesyna hexproof deck and not even a Hero's Downfall or a Dreadbore will solve the problem because you can activate the neg 3 ability before he dies.

I would say keeping Thassa, God of the Sea is worth it. The ability to control your draws and make anything unblockable is really valuable, even if you can never make her a creature, using her as a badass Zephyr Charge is good enough.

I wouldn't put Archetype of Courage in the deck for a number of reasons. Not having two many 3 drop creatures to make sure you get your damage in earlier is pretty important and he just won't synergize well enough with the rest of your deck. Having an almost elusive deck with Hidden Strings , Aqueous Form , and Thassa, God of the Sea just doesn't make sense, you wont need the first strike.

I think Glimpse the Sun God is a great utititly card and worth trying out in the deck and I'm a big fan of Acolyte's Reward , creature saver that counts as removal or overhead damage? count me in.

Unless you add Heliod, God of the Sun , main deck 4 Acolyte's Reward , or something else that runs on devotion primarily, then I don't see what you gain from dropping U. I wouldn't drop U, just saying, refine the deck, yes, drop U, bad idea haha

I guess thats all I got. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.03 $0.14 $0.7 $0.25
Color(s) U
Cost 1U
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 2.95
Avg. cube pick 1.91


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 Uncommon