Welding Sparks


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Common

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Welding Sparks


Welding Sparks deals X damage to target creature, where X is 3 plus the number of artifacts you control.

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Welding Sparks Discussion

Fairmount on Grixis Aetherborn

1 hour ago

Also maybe Battle at the Bridge. Fatal Push is extremely good and would run those main over Welding Sparks

Femme_Fatale on [Community Discussion]: Frontier Chat

1 day ago

White is an interesting take on the deck archetype EpicFreddi, though I'm not certain on its viability versus red. You are missing out on Lightning Strike, Welding Sparks, Shrapnel Blast, Bomat Courier and Goblin Rabblemaster which crews vehicles for days.

ChaosEngineer on Creature-less Vehicles

3 days ago

So the only card I would move for Welding Sparks is Unlicensed Disintegration and I find that a bad swap. As for the vehicles both the heart and the harvester are better suited for continuous swinging which is not what this deck is good at.

As for playing against control it mostly eats my face off I'm afraid. I would probably bring in Siege Modification in hopes to get in for lethal quick but mostly I get wrecked (pun intended).

Lastly, stomper needs love. I just really really want to stomp someone for the win ((but yes the express is probably better).

lords2001 on Creature-less Vehicles

3 days ago

Welding Sparks should be your main or side - it doesn't hit everything, but it can hit something exceptionally hard in the right sort of deck.

Also I would swap out Demolition Stomper for either Aradara Express or Heart of Kiran/ Aethersphere Harvester - better evasion, better mana costs.

OTherwise I really, really like the idea. Just quickly - how do you go vs control?

Orion93 on Tribal dwarves on trains! (budget)

5 days ago

I would drop 1 Depala, Pilot Exemplar and 1 Sram, Senior Edificer in favor of 2 Speedway Fanatic.

Lose 1 Daredevil Dragster and 1 Shock in exchange for 2 Welding Sparks

Lose 2 Hungry Flames and replace with 2 Start Your Engines

If win condition is vehicle damage, make sure your vehicles will do damage.

Have you considered Siege Modification for sideboard? It works with any of your creatures. And Expedite , though it really doesn't fit, would be a good touch for same turn as cast vehicle damage as well as drawing another card.

Argeaux on Classic Mono-Red Aggro

4 weeks ago

This deck is great. +1 from me.

Stromkirk Occultist works so well in it.

I playtested it against my Speedway Fanatics deck and it crushed it in six moves in the first game.

Once I Sideboarded it was a different matter, unfortunately, as I was able to kill all your Creatures with my removal, and with the constant damage Skysovereign, Consul Flagship does.

You might want to play around with Welding Sparks and Devour in Flames in your Sideboard. They've both worked well for me in my Artefact Vehicles deck.

clayperce on Keywords for days!

1 month ago

Also, I have no idea about your meta of course, but I'm not sure about Immolating Glare and Welding Sparks. Check out, for example, the removal suite from Ben Hull's deck from GP Demver.

Bovine073 on Giant Fricken Scissors (Frontier Ensoul)

1 month ago

clayperce thanks a bunch! I just brewed this up today and have gotten in a few matches on Trice. Yeah, I'm sure this deck will see a lot of changes when Revolt comes out. Heart of Kiran seems interesting to me, but I think a lot of the time it is gonna be really hard crewing. At least it dodges Lightning Strike. I guess I could crew a copter into it, or something like that. For Welding Sparks, I'm not really sure if I want it because Shrapnel Blast can already kill basically anything in the format (Rhinos, etc.). I actually took down a Reality Smasher with it today. Ruins definitely seems very interesting as well. In my relatively limited testing, I am probably going to say no to it for now, but it is definitely better than Inventors' Fair. It also has good synergy with Hangarback (this may certainly change, though!).

I'm a modern player, so I'm a bit in the dark of how most of these standard formats were (as I started in FRF), but I've learned some. Once again, thanks for the comment and happy brewing!

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