Welding Sparks


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Common

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Welding Sparks


Welding Sparks deals X damage to target creature, where X is 3 plus the number of artifacts you control.

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Welding Sparks Discussion

lords2001 on Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

6 days ago

Ok. Budget may vary changes. My brother played R/W vehicles and has done very, very well from it (dual 4-0 FNM since release of Aether Revolt).

Heart of Kiran + Depala/Toolcraft/Veteran is very solid. At least a +2 of and a -2 Sky Skiff who just doesnt cut it as well.

+1 Fleetwheel Cruiser for -1 Ovalchace Dragster - it is just better and requires no crewing. Oh, and it can survive a thraben inspector/sylvan advocate chump block.

+3 Peacewalker Colossus for -2 sky skiff and -1 ovalchase dragster - it can crew any vehicle for 1W. It can be crewed if you need it to. They can also have 2 of them crew each other with good results.

Maybe +1 or two Consulate Dreadnought to replace Renegade Freighter as it cleans up shop with a Start Your Engines or a Peacewalker Colossus.

Sideboard - Siege Modification vs non black (as Fatal Push is your worst enemy, and having something pushed with Siege Modification makes it a 2 for 1 loss) but you can quite easily turn 4 clock someone with it and Consulate Dreadnought.

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar against control as they hate it. 1-2 more Start Your Engines vs midrange - heck you are running 15 vehicles or so mainboard - maybe find room for 1-2 more of these bad boys. Turn 4-5 play will often come close to GG.Maybe Welding Sparks vs bigger creatures. Harnessed Lightning and Stasis Snare can also be exceptionally handy.

Hanweir Battlements x2 can be in the mix to give haste. Heck if you do that Hanweir Garrison can be amazing to play - attack, maybe just trade for something similar but keep the extra tokens or at least force blocks - and if they don't or can't it gets out of hand. Heck, if you meld it, its a clock all of its own turn 6 - it goes big and nasty, and most people just cant recover. This is the least solid of the advice that I give- it is always a gamble.

Anyway, good luck and let us know how it gets on.

NicholsGT on Improvising ($15 Budget!)

1 week ago

I see it now, statuary basically turns all your control stuff in the side to feel like one drops and kind of turns Welding Sparks to a super powered bolt for creatures. Nice.

jimmynitos on Depala, de pilot of de dwarves

1 week ago

Cogwork Assembler ability is useless, due to how fast the games are in Tiny Leaders. I would cut Foundry Inspector for some better creature as well.

In red you could use Vandalblast to deal with artifacts, but if you're fine with Destructive Tampering, that's ok. Consulate Dreadnought crew cost is too high and Pacification Array don't worth a slot, imho. Put some removal or burn spells in there. Same with Welding Sparks, a Lightning Bolt or a Lightning Strike are better 'cause they can reach your opponent life. Oblivion Ring, Banishing Light and Journey to Nowhere are better removals that the ones you are using, but a Path to Exile and a Swords to Plowshares are best options.

From your maybeboard, Sin Prodder is an excellent card, but you should consider Mentor of the Meek. The manabase can be improved and I would put one more land in there, the average CMC is too high, but it's optional.

Mikewhite on creatureless vehicles

2 weeks ago

I like this list. Actually trying to put together something similar. I would suggest Welding Sparks tho. Either replacing Harnessed Lightning or in the side. Yea it costs more to cast but it utilizes the rest of your deck a lot better seeing as you only have 1 other card that produces energy. Also being a creatureless deck I would try to make room for Aerial Modification. The cost is a little high but it could really help out mid-late game IMO.

Argeaux on Speedway Champions

3 weeks ago

clayperce that was VERY helpful. Thanks so much.

If you used Dispel to protect my Creatures then it was doing it's job. That's exactly what I want it to do.

The more of my Creatures that stay on the board, the more likely I am to win.

With Spell Quellers et. al. Disallow and Welding Sparks come in.

I find that if I can Counter or Destroy the first one that tries to interrupt my plans, that is all I usually need to do.

Later on I can dispatch those Creatures at will every time Skysovereign, Consul Flagship attacks.

It's REALLY important not to get too obsessed with and Aethersphere Harvester, or you can weaken the overall focus of the deck.

The way I look at it is as though it were a weaker version of Siege Rhino - I hit them for 3, I get 3 life, that's a 6 point swing in my favour.

Later in the game I usually end up getting an 8 point or more swing, when one or two Chief of the Foundry are on the field.

If I can get an extra swing due to Aether Hub, that is gold.

However, it's not essential and I do not want to have to use Aether Hub for coloured mana, as that defeats the purpose of what it is in the deck to do. I ran four Aether Hub last season and often found myself colour screwed and out of

I have found that two is just right. I never need to use them for coloured mana with that amount.

It must also be remembered that I have four Aethersphere Harvesters in the deck. That seems to be enough to get me out of trouble if I need some extra life.

In this deck Welding Sparks is insanely good. Much stronger than Harnessed Lightning.

To give an example, today in a match against StuBi irl I hit one of his Creatures for 9 damage. At Instant speed. Ridiculous.

I know I've said that above, but it bears repeating.

So, even with the extra , it just doesn't make the cut.

Thanks for the time you took to play my deck and comment on it. You're a star.

clayperce on Speedway Champions

3 weeks ago

For whatever reason (and despite all the text on the card), I hadn't actually thought about Disallow as anything but a "normal" counterspell. The ability to counter Saheeli's activated ability and to counter opposing Vehicles' activated ability to Crew is really cool. So yeah, that plus Negate plus Welding Sparks is probably plenty! :-)

And yeah, that all makes sense on Walking Ballista.


So I finally had a chance to do some serious playtesting with your deck. I ran it against Raymond Perez' U/R Control (Top 16 SCG Columbus) (for a Control mirror), Crackdown Collector (AER) (the strongest of my janky Crackdown Construct decks), and Bronson Gervasi's G/R Energy (Top 64 SCG Columbus) (because why not). As always, please take these thoughts with healthy skepticism as I'm 100% sure I don't play your deck well nor do I have a good feel for your meta!

  • It was no surprise, but Scrapheap Scrounger was just sooooo good. I actually took to running 2x Incendiary Flow in sideboard last season primarily because of Scrounger, and the card certainly hasn't gotten any worse!
  • Mainboard Dispel was great too. Though I found myself using it most often to protect individual Creatures (rather than to counter opponent counterspells). So if your local meta ends up with a bunch of Ruinous Path and Stasis Snare, Turn Aside might actually be more useful.
  • I was impressed at how little your deck had to mulligan. It seems to just have a LOT of lines available, which makes it easy to have plenty of opening plays. The only exception to this was the RG Energy match-up. There were only a few opening hands that were able to stop the early beatdown, and once it got out of hand it was often hard to recover. I'm not yet convinced RG Energy will have any kind of role in AER Standard though, so I'm not sure I'd worry about it. But there may be a point where you want Horribly Awry, Revolutionary Rebuff, or maindeck removal.
  • Creature-based counter/exile spells were also pretty effective at disrupting your deck's early play, which sometimes snowballed. If you end up seeing much Mausoleum Wanderer, Spell Queller, or Fairgrounds Warden, you might also want Awry/Rebuff.
  • I found myself really frustrated a couple times, wishing I had just one more for Aethersphere Harvester. That said, the deck never lost because of it though, so if it's working for you, never mind! But I'd probably run just a couple more Energy sources ... maybe one more Aether Hub and a Harnessed Lightning. Or maybe Decoction Module as a one-of.
  • These may all be obvious, but just in case not: After sideboard, watch out for (Natural Obsolescence), (Decommission), (Appetite for the Unnatural), and / (Release the Gremlins).

Hope this helps, and sorry for the spam if it doesn't!

Draw well!

EDIT: Never mind on Turn Aside; I just noticed it on your maybeboard.

Argeaux on Speedway Champions

3 weeks ago

I have put a note that I'm considering Shock against Saheeli Guardian.

Disallow and Welding Sparks come in against that combo so I can Counter either Saheeli Rai or Felidar Guardian, or kill the Guardian at Instant speed in response to the Saheeli trigger.

Release the Gremlins is a bit all in against Artifacts for me. I like my Sideboard to be set up to answer as many threats as possible.

Once again, Disallow and Welding Sparks come in against the Vehicles match up so I can Counter key pieces or destroy Crew.

I can usually outrace other Vehicle decks or mess up their Win Cons.

Walking Ballista slows this deck down too much due to the casting cost. I need Creatures that hit the field much faster, with a higher toughness.

All my Creatures also have brilliant utility in regard to Vehicles but that one, not as much. The only Creature I could see it replacing is Inventor's Apprentice, and it can't be ready to attack as a 2/3 on Turn 2, or to defend against Sylvan Advocate without dying.

Thanks for your Comments. They do have me thinking.

albino_ninja on Molten Steel ($40 Budget)

3 weeks ago

@theeagleofrome: Shock is a staple and has a place in every red deck, but don't under estimate Welding Sparks power in this deck. I have yet to cast it for less than 6 damage!

In this brew, burn is the secondary focus and its used primarily to control the board. With all these aggressive creatures you need to start burning the board around T3-4 and shock is only useful in that sense for the first 2 turns.

In terms of creatureless match ups or control, you side in the other Pia's Revolution and any of the two Gremlin Infestation, Madcap Experiment or Release the Gremlins depending on your meta. This will allow you a different type of control and get your main combo rolling quicker.

Hope this helped shed some light, CHEERS :)

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