Warmind Infantry

Warmind Infantry

Creature — Elemental Soldier

Battalion Whenever Warmind Infantry and at least two other creatures attack, Warmind Infantry gets +2/+0 until end of turn.
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Warmind Infantry Discussion

tclaw12 on boros battalion

5 months ago

Instants I would cut -

  • Riot Control and Holy Day. Since most matchups you will likely be the aggro deck, you will want to put more pressure on them and just kill their creatures with things like bolt/path.

Creatures I would cut -

I also might take out Firefist Striker and Frontline Medic and move them to the SB for creature-based matchups, but I think that one is up to you.

Take Out -

Add -

ThatRenf on Boros Battalion

1 year ago

Thanks for the welcome, kingflintsteel.

As I said, this was thrown together from cards I gathered from boosters etc. - I'm only now looking to streamline and improve it. That said, I totally agree with your whole premise and one of the reasons I came here was to seek advice on which types of cards would be best to keep/ditch, so thanks for the input.

During the course of the day, I had already began the process of removing some cards and upping some others - please see the updated deck for details, but it's pretty much along the lines of what you'd already suggested.

Couple of points - I did plan to up my Auramancer total as I have started adding Enchantments and may keep doing so. Although looking at it, you're probably right. I still plan to drop Fortress Cyclops , Boros Battleshaper & probably the Warmind Infantry too.

All in all I definitely agree that the cards are too spread and need the deck needs a lot of work in focusing it.

Thanks for the reply!

Dritz on Ye Olde Deckbuilding Challenge #18- ...

1 year ago

This isn't my best work but I hope it is fun at the least. Man, full time jobs are great on the wallet and suck on the free-time.

(Also, on an unrelated note, whenever I make a R/W/U deck I consistently wish that they had actually done some cool 'Warmind Initiative' stuff in Return to Ravnica. See: 'Warmind Infantry ')

The Impediments of the Legion Playtest

Casual Dritz


daltonnelson on Boros Make You Morose!

1 year ago

Warmind Infantry , Bomber Corps , and Wojek Halberdiers seem like the first to go. Trim Tajic back one. That should leave you with 12 battalion non hasters to 11 hasters. If you want, subbing in the Legion Loyalist for the boros elites would be good. Using the six free spaces, you could go full playset of Mugging and cttr. With one free space you could put in a final legion loyalist or put another burn spell in. Creature removal is never a bad thing. Or if you need that final two points of damage to do your opponent in. remove titan's strength and replace it for Magma Jet for removal and scry. Maybe even try dropping the Firemane Avenger to the sideboard and adding another Firefist Striker . Your CMC will be lower as a deck average and the striker is just a general cock blocking bad ass

Wicuber on crushing blow

1 year ago

Hello TJF - Here are my suggestions.

1) Cut back on the land because half of your cards are land. (-5 Plains -5 Mountain +3 Boros Guildgate and there are more expensive lands out there that you can chose from if you want. 58 Cards.

2) Take out Court Street Denizen , (3 mana for a 2/2 that occasionally taps cards, won't apply to your multicolored cards) Soulmender , (1 mana for a 1/1 that gives 1 life, this is virtually useless) and Warclamp Mastiff (Any competitive deck will easily take it out, the first strike rarely applies) which frees up 4 more spots, right now you're at 54 cards.

3) Add two more War Falcon because it is a 2/1 one mana in the air, early game flying is tough to come by, 1 more Wojek Halberdiers and 2 more Daring Skyjek for the same reasons as War Falcon. 59 Cards.

4) Take out Boros Keyrune because it is virtually useless - add a Boros Elite or Foundry Champion 60 Cards.

5) Do you need the Fortress Cyclops ? If not maybe Firemane Avenger or Foundry Champion would fit this deck better. 60 Cards.

6) Take out your Warmind Infantry and sub in 2 Boros Elite .

This may be a bit pricey but overall:1) Keep your totals to 60 cards2) Follow steps 1 and 23) The rest are optional4) The many curve at the moment is a bit high, your best cards won't see action until much later at the moment. (Turn 5-7, they won't always turn up)

God_of_Thunder on 2014-03-31 update of Charge of ...

1 year ago

Remove: Bomber Corps Maybe Remove: Arrows of Justice Suggestions: Truefire Paladin , Daring Skyjek , Warmind Infantry and if you could someone swing it cost wise: Legion's Initiative .

numerator97 on MicroCube

1 year ago

Update Time!

Ok... so there were some issues. It took me longer than it should, but i realized that there is in general too much removal. Thus, most of the changes will are focused on making black and red more aggressive in their nature, and less focused on sitting back on 10+ removal spells and eventually landing 1 creature and killing with that.

So... lets begin.

1: In white

With the last update I had been trying to shift white to be focused on having lots of small creatures. Also through more testing there were some cards that were not played very often, and when they were, they weren't very good. The ones I'm replacing in this update are Darklit Gargoyle , Ajani's Sunstriker , and Feeling of Dread . All of these cards proved to be just filler slots that were undesirable or sub par. Replacing these cards are: Niblis of the Urn , which I think will allow white creature be held back by almost anything bigger than a 3/3 by giving even more tappers; Crusader of Odric is an experiment to offer white some larger creatures, hinging on the fact that they have stayed focus on the overall theme of the colour; and also Intangible Virtue is an experiment. It might be too good or downright unplayable I'm really not sure, but I think it is worth trying it out to see where it stands.

In short: Darklit Gargoyle , Ajani's Sunstriker , and Feeling of Dread out. And Niblis of the Urn , Crusader of Odric , and Intangible Virtue in.

2: In blue

Archaeomancer seems as if he fits into blue pretty solidly, and frankly Elgaud Shieldmate really didn't. I think that's enough said.

In short: Elgaud Shieldmate out. Archaeomancer in.

3: In black

Unlike blue, this is the most substantial change. As mentioned earlier, both black and red had way, way too much removal. As such, Last Kiss , Victim of Night , Tragic Slip , Doom Blade , and Executioner's Capsule are all being removed. This still leaves black with quite a bit (13 pieces) of removal, but no longer are more than the half the black cards removal. Four other cards are also being removed: Deadly Allure , Tormented Soul , Triumph of Cruelty , and Addle . Each of these cards were rather narrow, in order to change the possibilities for black, more cards needed to be cut. So, how am I changing black? My goal was to make black more aggressive, or to push the sacrifice side of black. So, for the aggressive side, Vampire Lacerator , Diregraf Ghoul , and Sarcomancy are all being added to up the aggressive one cost creatures. Just as some useful bodies Bloodhunter Bat and Vampire Outcasts should be able to work themselves into a multitude of different decks and strategies. For the sacrifice element of black Haunted Crossroads and Gravedigger are now included. The haunted crossroads are an experiment, as it may be too powerful. And finally as some general utility Sign in Blood and Duress have also been added.

In short: Executioner's Capsule , Last Kiss , Victim of Night , Tragic Slip , Doom Blade , Triumph of Cruelty , Tormented Soul , Addle , and Deadly Allure out. And Duress , Sign in Blood , Haunted Crossroads , Gravedigger , Vampire Outcasts , Bloodhunter Bat , Sarcomancy , Diregraf Ghoul , and Vampire Lacerator in.

4: In red

To follow that up, we have another large change. Similar to black, the amount of removal was an issue and needed to be tweaked. Furthermore, I really wanted to encourage the sacrifice deck, as it is both fun to play, and draft. As such, I think red should be valuing cards such as Pitchburn Devils which can act as removal in the right deck. So, Into the Maw of Hell , Street Spasm , Arc Trail , Turn to Slag , Flame Slash , and Magma Rift have all been removed. As mentioned cards like Pitchburn Devils are supposed to be strong in this cube. Thus, Gang of Devils and Goblin Arsonist , which follow a similar idea have been added. Additionally, to follow that idea of creatures into damage, Skirsdag Cultist is being added as well. 2 of the cards being replaced are centered on having a mass of creatures. Warmind Infantry and Krenko's Command are taking those spots, and the last piece of red removal is replaced by Stone Rain which could very easily be taken out, for being "unfun" but I dont think it is strong enough to see consistent play, but is strong in the sideboard against decks that have a challenging mana base.

In short: Magma Rift , Flame Slash , Turn to Slag , Arc Trail , Street Spasm , and Into the Maw of Hell out. And Gang of Devils , Goblin Arsonist , Skirsdag Cultist , Krenko's Command , Warmind Infantry , and Stone Rain in.

5: In green

It had become abundantly evident that Tracker's Instincts , Commune with the Gods , and Mulch were completely unplayable in this cube with minimal direct graveyard interaction. Also because there's no real reason to go more than 2 colours maybe splashing another Abundant Growth was also less than optimal. Another issue that green had was that it didn't have any good way to close games. Because of this first issue Sentinel Spider and Territorial Baloth are now part of the micro cube. To help push the green white aggressive archetype Mtenda Lion has also been added. And finally, Wall of Roots now gets a spot serving as both a blocker and an accelerator for the bigger green decks.

In short: Abundant Growth , Mulch , Commune with the Gods , and Tracker's Instincts out. And Wall of Roots , Mtenda Lion , Territorial Baloth , and Sentinel Spider in.

6: Multicoloured and Colourless:

For the same reason Mulch and such cards were bad, Grisly Salvage was the exact same, and considering that the multicoloured cards are supposed to be more powerful, this needed to change. As such. Noxious Hatchling will take its place and serve as a big body with a relevant ability that truly does encourage golgari play. Now for the same reason Abundant Growth was unplayable, Kaleidostone and Chromatic Sphere were also underwhelming. To not entirely eliminate colourless mana fixing, Manalith is being put in. Filling the other spot Mortarpod is coming in as another creature to damage spell.

In short: Grisly Salvage , Kaleidostone , and Chromatic Sphere out. And Noxious Hatchling , Manalith , and Mortarpod in.

Yet again congrats on making it to the bottom :P and thank you for reading.

Power / Toughness 2/3
Color(s) Red
Cost 2R
Converted cost 3


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common

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