Voidmage Husher


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral (TSP) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Voidmage Husher

Creature — Human Wizard

Flash (You may play this spell any time you could play an instant.)

When Voidmage Husher enters the battlefield, counter target activated ability. (Mana abilities can't be targeted.)

Whenever you play a spell, you may return Voidmage Husher to its owner's hand.

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Voidmage Husher Discussion

EgyptianSpaceGamer on Holding priority with split second

3 months ago

I have Heartless Hidetsugu equipped with Grafted Exoskeleton (lethal infect), and a Vedalken Orrery on field and Molten Disaster in hand. My opponent has Typhoid Rats and Voidmage Husher on field and Pit Fight in hand (deathtouch fighting and countermagic)... If I activate Ogre's ability, can I hold priority, cast split second, and kill my opponent's Rats and Wizard? Or does my opponent have the chance to kill Ogre with the Rats, and flash in Wizard to counter my ability ALL BEFORE I cast split second? (I apologize for the complexity of this question)

Raging_Squiggle on Baral/How do I Blue?

5 months ago

My Baral deck runs 37~ counterspells of assorted variety, including Venser, Shaper Savant-ish abilities, and Voidmage Husher. It's win con is Forced Fruition, with Clever Impersonator and Copy Enchantment as copies of it. Therefore every spell I counter forces them to draw 21 cards.

zorsmobile on Ephara Flicker Fun with Flash

6 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions! I actually didn't look at Whitemane Lion well enough and thought it was another target creature, yeah that's insane. I'm mostly playing 1v1, so having big flashy creatures and/or avoiding hate isn't a priority, the deck generally has plenty of control and card advantage to start pecking away with fliers/ephara, or getting other win con synergies like Deadeye Navigator and Draining Whelk or some of the other nasty synergies. Definitely including Detention Sphere as a great control option and devotion booster. Voidmage Husher has been on the chopping block for a while, so that's probably going to go. It's great occasionally but sometimes is a dead card. I've found a bunch of success with Meddling Mage, particularly since I have Thought-Knot Seer, Vendilion Clique, and some bounce cards, but Phyrexian Revoker could also go. Tried Brago, King Eternal originally but ended up disliking him a lot, he's occasionally awesome but the stars have to align a bit.

Thank you both for the thoughts! Definitely helpful

cerealkyra on Ephara Flicker Fun with Flash

6 months ago

Cloudstone Curio is great in Ephara, as are Cloudblazer and Mulldrifter. As Flagellum said, Whitemane Lion lets you get so far ahead for 2 mana its insane. Brago, King Eternal is probably nuts too.

How do we win? I see plenty of sweet synergy with blink and EtB, but no way to finish people off, other than beating in with undersized creatures. What about Eldrazi Monument, Akroma's Memorial, Cathars' Crusade, Dictate of Heliod, True Conviction or even Mirror Entity? Rite of Replication can often win games too.

I personally prefer a little token action along with my blink effects; Myr Battlesphere,Angel of Invention and Cloudgoat Ranger can all be blinked to quickly build an army, and cards like Chasm Skuller, Elspeth, Sun's Champion and Meloku the Clouded Mirror are great stand-alone token makers, while Faerie Artisans often gets you multiple Ephara triggers a turn and has synergy with your faerie subtheme. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite is probably decent too.

If you want to stay on the creature-focused plan, maybe some more recursion? Marshal's Anthem pulls double duty and is a pretty solid late-game top deck if the game hasn't been going your way. You're kinda light on removal too, Path and Plow are both fine, but I think you can squeeze in another wrath effect, and something like Detention Sphere can help get your 6/5 commander online earlier.

As for cuts, Force of Will doesn't seem worth it, unless your meta is super cutthroat. But it probably isn't since your looking to play Ephara. Maybe Counterspell, Swan Song or Memory Lapse? Paradox Haze doesnt seem incredible, either, maybe Leyline of Anticipation so you can really go off? Without a reliable way to pick them back up, I don't think that cards like Voidmage Husher, Phyrexian Revoker, Meddling Mage and Pestermite are worth it. These 4 can draw a lot of hate, too.

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