As Vesuva enters the battlefield, you may choose a land in play. If you do, Vesuva enters the battlefield tapped as a copy of the chosen land.

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Vesuva Discussion

PookandPie on

1 day ago

Is this a 1v1 Commander deck, or is it multiplayer? I was thinking it was Duel, since you're missing Sol Ring, but then I noticed you had Sensei's Divining Top, which is banned in Duel. Is there a particular reason you're not running Sol Ring? I've noticed a pretty strong absence of acceleration all around, and I don't know if that's a meta call or what, but you could probably be advantaged by using Nature's Lore or something else. Actually, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx would be helpful, and Thespian's Stage and Vesuva would be excellent for copying Cabal Coffers. Expedition Map would be great for finding

Genesis would be a decent recursion engine for you. Living Death may be a better card to use over Twilight's Call, as well, since it can function as a sweeper + you lose nothing when you have a sacrifice outlet.

TaladagaKnights on It's Just Narset

2 days ago

At first look I think that there are a few of things you may have overlooked... Lightning Greaves, Darksteel Plate, Chromatic Lantern is the best for color fixing which means cards like Mirrodin's Core aren't necessary since they are pretty slow, Myriad Landscape, Isochron Scepter, Omniscience + Enter the Infinite is pretty expensive but is a really easy win con for this deck. I feel Homeward Path is unnecessary for this deck seeing as narset is your only creature. Here is some of the cards I would replace and the ones I would replace it with: Generator Servant => Slayers' Stronghold, Battlefield Forge => Command Tower, Shivan Reef => Exotic Orchard or Vesuva, since you don't run creatures you should run lands that can be creatures as blockers or for damage such as Wind-Scarred Crag => Needle Spires, Tranquil Cove => Celestial Colonnade, Swiftwater Cliffs => Wandering Fumarole... Cranial Archive => Tormod's Crypt, personally I like Elixir of Immortality better than Feldon's Cane... Now as a deck as a whole it has potential however I think that you need to go looking for really nice bombs that Narset can cast for free for you to actually win a game. Right now this list is more geared to controlling the board down and sorta playing as the referee for multiplayer games. What I mean is, cards like Clone Legion or Insurrection or Storm Herd... They don't have to be really brokenly good cards just ones with huge effects that your opponents cant ignore. To be able to pull this off you need more things that can set up the top cards of your library to make sure you know what you are going to hit and plan your turns accordingly such as Sensei's Divining Top or Preordain or Ponder or Foresee.

Here is the part where I just list cards that I have play tested in decks like this that I really don't like: Mirari is really slow but if you are committed to having the mana open for it every turn you can probably make it work, Jeskai Banner is too expensive for what it does, Grapeshot is too little of an effect for EDH you aren't playing storm its not effective at max you are going to probably only get 4 storm count in a turn is four or less damage really worth a deck slot?

Cards that I have found that are neat and dangerous are: Price of Progress, Past in Flames, Increasing Vengeance (flashed back) + Reverberate or Fork + Lightning Bolt = Infinite damage, Wild Ricochet, Radiate.

That's just a few suggestions I have for you, take it or leave it as you will and Good Luck.

beggarinthesand on Sidisi's School of the Dead

1 week ago


Thank you for the suggestions! I like Vesuva, but a Thespian's Stage couldn't hurt, as well. Decree of Pain is a good suggestion, perhaps I'll try replacing In Garruk's Wake with that. Reliquary Tower couldn't hurt, and this is where my thing with Urborg comes in. Urborg is spendy in price, but has been super helpful in getting Cabal Coffers, and my few other non-basics to draw mana off of themselves. As Cabal or Necropotence are usually the first cards I tutor off of Sidisi, I find that Urborg really helps. Diabolic Revelation might be helpful as well, I agree, although I usually have enough tutor power with Sidisi herself, and Demonic Tutor, and I'd like to spend a 6+ drop on something more game-changing, at that point.

JAGossett on Sidisi's School of the Dead

1 week ago

Instead of Vesuva you could run or add Thespian's Stage, but i'd run Decree of Pain if I where you. The draw is so nice. As always a Reliquary Tower and Ghost Quarter couldn't hurt but for mono black this deck seems really solid. I'd also run Command Beacon in case the casting cost for Sidisi gets really high. But I don't see much of a reason to put Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth considering you run almost completely swamps and it's like 20 dollars now. If anything, it may actually help your opponents. A Diabolic Revelation might also be nice. Although Sidisi find's your stuff, Revelation can find everything at once and end the game if you run the Sanguine/Exquisite Combo. But awesome deck dude I love how it looks

hyperlocke on Here, Have Some Junk

1 week ago

You run too few token donators to really abuse Suture Priest (Blood Seeker is an option, too). Things like Hunted Phantasm, Hunted Troll, Varchild's War-Riders and Mercy Killing can flood your opponent's board with tokens. Vesuva and Thespian's Stage can copy your Forbidden Orchard.

You need ways to kill this token hoard for Blood Artist (and maybe Massacre Wurm). Illness in the Ranks is fine, but having multiple failsafe cards won't hurt. Engineered Explosives, Ratchet Bomb, Zealous Persecution. Rakdos Charm is great, too.

Personally, I like to hide behind Ghostly Prisons.

This is my casual deck using this strategy:

A Token on the House

Casual hyperlocke

SCORE: 52 | 68 COMMENTS | 6471 VIEWS

This is aholder7's modern deck.

You and this army!

Modern aholder7


MR H3AT on 2016-01-29 update of Tick Tock

1 week ago

Wny not use the 12-post lands instead. Cloudpost, Glimmerpost, and Vesuva? Seems strictly better since you can gain life and get more mana faster.

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