Uninvited Geist


Unimpeded Traspasser


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Uncommon

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Uninvited Geist

Creature — Spirit

Skulk (This creature can't be blocked by creatures with greater power.)

When Uninvited Geist deals combat damage to a player, transform it.

Uninvited Geist Discussion

willspower3 on Spiritual Penance

2 years ago

Welcome to Magic. I was in your shoes when Shadows Over Innistrad came out. I built up spirits too and it is a blast to play. Unfortunately they rotate out of standard when Ixalon releases. A good standard list can be found , with a decklist under the video description. In that decklist, Metallic Mimic is a bit pricey, so substituting Fog Walker isn't a bad idea. Definitely go with 4 Nebelgast Herald and 2-4 Selfless Spirit depending on budget, taking out some Uninvited Geist  Flip and Drogskol Shieldmate.

The good news is that there are several good builds for Blue/White spirits in the Modern format. You can keep the lands you use in standard and upgrade as you feel. Glacial Fortress should be in Ixalon, so it will be pretty cheap. It plays well with Prairie Stream or Irrigated Farmland for good mana on turn 2. Hallowed Fountain would be the upgrade after that replacing basics. Eventually getting fetchlands to replace the Prairie Stream can be a stretch goal as your interest in the game increases.

For main deck alterations to fit modern on a budget, a list like this should suit your play style well:

Creatures (24)4x Mausoleum Wanderer4x Rattlechains4x Selfless Spirit4x Spell Queller4x Drogskol Captain4x Nebelgast Herald

Instants (14)4x Mana Leak4x Path to Exile4x Mana Tithe2x essence flux

Lands (22) including 1-2 Moorland Haunt and 1 Ghost Quarter

JAPuckett85 on Zombie Variety Deck

2 years ago

Thanks! Unravelling Mummy has been really fun to deathtouch anything that tries blocking, since I can activate it after blockers are declared, but it sucks I can't use it on defense, so I'll cut it to 2. Gideon has mostly helped by preventing damage using his +1, especially since I have no fliers- it is like a recurring removal spell for whatever I don't have an answer to. My nephew has Uninvited Geist  Flip in his deck, which is really annoying without Gideon or a removal spell. I am adding a couple more Cryptbreakers, but I really don't want to pay $20+ for a couple Relentless Dead (I got most of these cards through booster packs!). Definitely making it x3 Cryptbreakers, mostly for the ability to discard Adorned Pouncer & Dreamstealer for eternalized Zombies.

Oloro_Magic on Spirit Deck

2 years ago

Honestly, most of the cards in the deck with the exception of Pieces of the Puzzle, Sleep Paralysis, Nebelgast Herald, Fogwalker, and Uninvited Geist  Flip are just filler cards from pre-cons used in limited with better alternatives that I suggested above. I would say you decide what needs to upgraded: the control, the creatures, the card draw, and then replace the relevant cards with the better alternatives as you go. Also, spirits really wants if for nothing else then Drogskol Captain, alone spirits are not strong enough to win consistently, the buff from Drogskol makes them that much deadlier. Good luck with the deck.

DogFoodLid_666 on $25 Can't block this

2 years ago

I feel like you could get away with Uninvited Geist  Flip

NinjaMonkeey on [Modern] We All End Up As Spirits

2 years ago

I would recommend cutting the Geist of the Archives and Uninvited Geist  Flip for the full set of Spell Queller and maybe adding some more card draw. Also Expose Evil isn't a great card, I would recommend Cast Out instead.

Zhorus_The_Bauqret on Defiant Geists

2 years ago

This deck seems all over the place, like why are you running Uninvited Geist  Flip. 1 Wandering Fumarole, and 1 Spirebluff Canal. Is this a deck you are making? and you merely put the cards you own? If not, it's spread too thin. Like run a playset of Thing in the Ice  Flip, and 3 of's some of the instants and sorceries. Maybe even a playset of Take Inventory. Also Avacyn's Judgement just seems really awkward being here, along with Paradoxical Outcome, and several other cards. Maybe make it into a Dynavolt Tower based deck. Sorry if i'm being too much of a critic. However

acht_deck_manager on Evasive Ephara Draw

2 years ago

Tuning Notes:

  • Requiem Angel (Out) for Restoration Angel (In). Restoration has flash with a flicker effect. Fits the theme better. Requiem's CMC is higher and the second ability (while possibly useful) is arguably unnecessary
  • Vassal Soul (Out) for Wall of Denial (In). Wall is harder to remove, establishes earlier solid blocking against a commander, and can become a viable guardian with an anthem creature or two on the board
  • Latch Seeker (Out) for Mirror Entity (In). Mirror Entity can be a great win condition in this deck.
  • Judge's Familiar (Out) for Venser, Shaper Savant (In). Venser is a better "counterspell" since it always hits in the form of Remand. With plenty of creatures that bounce permanents/creatures back to hand on ETB, and now that I'm adding Crystal Shard, it's nice to have a repeatable Remand. Not to mention his recent reprint in MM17 makes him an affordable option again
  • Murder of Crows (Out) for Thistledown Liege (In). Test playing shows I have plenty of cards in hand. Anthem creature to win faster / make my creatures beefier seems like a better choice. Also the 3 devotion of Thistledown's not bad
  • Invisible Stalker (Out) for Crystal Shard (In). So much utility in the shard for either bringing my own back to hand or making an opponent pay for overplaying their hand. Can slow up aggro decks from early all-out taps to get creatures on the board
  • Uninvited Geist  Flip (Out) for Mist Raven (In). More bounce on ETB effects on a flying body to fit the theme

sadcowboy on How to be a dick 101

2 years ago

I feel that Baral does what the Homunculus does, but better, and I don't think I have room for both. Playing Uninvited Geist  Flip is a total dick move and I need to find a way to play that card. Thank you!

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