Thrull Wizard


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Fallen Empires Uncommon

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Thrull Wizard

Creature — Thrull Wizard

(1)(Black): Counter target black spell unless that spell's controller pays (Black) or (3).

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Thrull Wizard Discussion

Gattison on Help With Thrull Tribal

6 months ago

In Commander, there are in fact more than two black thrulls. There's Armor Thrull (one of my favorites), Necrite & Mindstab Thrull, Blood Pet, Basal Thrull & Blood Vassal, Exhumer Thrull, Thrull Champion, Thrull Parasite, Thrull Surgeon & Thrull Wizard... and that's pretty much all the good ones in mono-black.

The best thrulls are WB, such as Mourning Thrull, Kingpin's Pet and Treasury Thrull (which kinda sucks, anyway), but then you wouldn't be able to keep Endrek as your Commander if you went .

Also, don't forget to check out cards like Breeding Pit, Ebon Praetor, Orzhov Keyrune, Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII, Soul Exchange (awesome card), Thrull Retainer & Tourach's Gate.

I love thrulls, btw. =)

Also, check out this link for excellent tribal support: The Bones To Build Your Tribal Deck

NotSquishedYet on I Can't Cast My Commander

6 months ago

I think my point was missed. :/

Say you have Torpor Orb out and play your commander. I play Krosan Grip. If you have Thrull Wizard, you pay 1B and wait a turn. If you don't, Phage resolves and you lose.

About blue, you have Torpor Orb. You cast Phage. I cast Cryptic Command bouncing the Orb. If you don't counter Phage, Phage resolves before you can play something else, and you die.

NotSquishedYet on I Can't Cast My Commander

6 months ago

I think I'd put Thrull Wizard in in any case to have an extra out if someone busts your "not losing the game" artifact at instant speed.

Deathstroke2791 on I Can't Cast My Commander

6 months ago

NotSquishedYet, I originally had that in there. It involved Thrull Wizard or Dash Hopes, but there was just too much blue in my meta to justify having it. Might as well put tutors, ramp, or draw in it's place.

DaringApprentice on All Possible Commanders

8 months ago

You can also counter Phage the Untouchable with any of Thrull Wizard, Withering Boon, Dash Hopes, Kozilek, the Great Distortion, Chalice of the Void, Nether Void, or a combo with Deathgrip and Painter's Servant, and then recover it from your graveyard to your hand, so I'd say Phage the Untouchable is playable.

Xaenerys on

10 months ago

ABadCook: I wasn't just trying to play her from my hand. I don't mind putting her in the graveyard or anything and have some protection from her like Torpor Orb and Platinum Angel. May add some other cards like Thrull Wizard to help counter her as well.

triplexr8d on Just a Touch

1 year ago

You can use Platinum Angel to prevent losing the game. Phage players can also use the minor suite of counterspells it has to get her from the command zone into the graveyard... Thrull Wizard, Withering Boon, and if you're lucky enough to own one, Nether Void. Black has plenty of ways to retrieve Phage the Untouchable from there.

+1 from me, love to see another Phage list running around.